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Posted On 26 Mar, 2016 Others में

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Ours is a small house and my bedroom is even smaller-a10×1o’ hole.I rest,write and sleep here amidst almirahs. hanging bookselves and a wardrobe to keep my clothes. I have to shut the bedroom door when I am in a creative mood to write. I write with with pillow support to my back and neck on the bed. No place for a table and chair etc for long sittings needed for writing in comfort and concentration. Even the bed where I write is a perfect picture of chaos –  numerous books, magazines, newspapers, sheets of half-filled papers  lying scattered all over the bed.

I love books. They are like birds that bring ideas and then fly away, after I dump them.Well, the ideas are knowledge and as they say ” knowledge is power”. Some people are scared of certain books and consider them as dangerous. The rulers i.e., the politicians, bureaucrats and the keepers of religion fall in this lot. So they ‘ban’ the books which they consider dangerous. Few years back my son Mukul gifted me ‘Satanic Verses’ by Salman Rushdie, soon after it was banned in India. He bought it from London and read and kept it inspite the ban. It was, like all good fiction, a kind of liberating reading for me.

As I mentioned above, I buy too many books to be kept in my small  bedroom but since they keep good company like true friends, never allowing me to feel depressed even in most trying times of my life. Thus I can’t stop buying them. I will keep buying books as long as I live. The phrase “Ye dil maange more” aptly applies to me in this respect. At times my bedroom is bursting in seams with the unbearable load of books. In that situation I sort out the lot for sending some of these dear friends to their ’sasural’ , which is ‘Noida Public Library’ in my neighbourhood. Packing them in outsized cardboard boxes brought from the local grocer is a tough task, particularly the selection part which gives headache on account of obvious dilemma of making right selection.

It’s the books that inspire me to write. Books have also steered me towards attending my favourite Jaipur Literature Festival, which I never missed during past 6 years on since that litfest is all about books and writers. It’s truly a celebration of books. i wish I could attend all sessions at a time (six in all at the same time) totalling to 42 sessions in a day. Thus it’s humanly impossible to be physically present in all sessions; so I make my own choice to attend those which interest me most.

I envy those who have lot of space to store their books nicely and also have a place (with a table & chair), in case one happens  to be a writer. Four years ago when I was staying with my friend and film maker Rhitar Tshering at his Kathmandu home on a short visit to Nepal, I was impressed by his well stocked library and the selection of books. Since his is a big house, hence no shortage of space. Moreover, unlike mine, his library is well organised.

O K friends, right now, once again, I am busy sorting some of the books (about 500) for sending to their sasural (in laws) which is presently the Noida Public Library, near my home.of these at least half will qualify.

Ta  Ta   Ta  bye bye.



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