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Kamasutra- Part III

Posted On: 9 May, 2016 Others में

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The signicance of Vatsyayana’s kamasutra lies in the fact that for the first time in the history of erotic writing anywhere, it mounted most uninhibited defence of sexual pleasure, the world had ever seen. It’s very name implied the exploration of knowledge on the entire subject of sexual pleasure. It’s ’sutras’ compressed this knowledge into a series of pithy maxims or aphorisms like a row of flowers strung together into a beautiful garland.

‘Sutras’ in Sanskrit denote condensed teachings. In ‘Kamasutra’, the author has tried to teach us the science and art of practicing erotic pleasure through sex.The treatise, at the same time has an iconic status in the arena of erotic literatureas as it lays down the rules of grammer of sex in it’s own unique way.

We know not much about this person-Vatsyayan and when and where he encountered his escapades or sexual adventures. However, we are able to deduce from the available information that he was a young man pursuing his vocation diligently so as to become a great expert and writer on sex. A 13th century scholar YASHODHARA believed that he lived in the great city of PATALIPUTRA but that could be a guess since Vatsyayan has not provided any geographical reference about himself or his work in this epic of a book.

At one point Vatsyayan has mentioned about ‘ABHIRAs’ in Kamasutra which suggests that he may have written Kamasutra during the rule of ‘Abhira’ dynasty, which had come tom power during 3rd century. In kamasutra he writes that ” Abhira women liked to be kissed, embraced, scratched, bitten and sucked. Thus, Vatsayan may have lived around the early or the middle part of the 3rd century AD.

It is difficult to say as to why most of the scholars of those liberal times did not write on ’sex’ as Vatsyayana did. Howevever, I consider it my duty to mention one exception and that is the monk, poet and great thinker BHARTHRI HARI , who wrote eloquently about sex. He became a monk after pursuing sensuality as a king. He remains a legend in India’s folk and spiritual sphere.even after so many centuries. A sample of his writing – “There are two paths- the sages, whose religious devotion is lovely because it overflows with the nectarous waters of knowlege and devine truth and the second ones are those who enjoy the lusty undertaking of touching with one’s palm that hidden part in the firm laps of lovely limbed women with great expanses of breasts and thighs.”



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