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Suddenly,a new concept of measuring Economic Growth rate came in my mind.This can be a new branch of economics also.This may be termed as socio-economics like micro economics and macro economics.In economics,we read only about the economic value of goods and services and all economic activities or effects like consumption,production,demand,supply,depression,inflation,poverty,job,HDI,corruption etc,etc.Can we read the economic value of casteism,useless gosping,false case,supporting non-develpomental or relatively non-developmental work etc?Whatever we measure,we measure on economic ground or caused due to economic progress.Even this is full of error like GDP says only about final goods and services produced but this is bitter true that there is no more role of poors and common people to produce goods and services.So calculating growth rate on ground of GDP is only the growth rate of middle class and especially rich people of the society. All govts and countries all round the world are cheating its people by going through GDP and framing its developmental work on the basis of GDP,GNP etc.Because GDP,GNP etc is only the growth rate of those people who take part in production of goods and services and many are deprived to be the part of this production.

This may give some reliefs if economic growth rate of an economy is observed not only on ground of GDP,but there is weightage of certain percentage of HDI(Human Development Index),Corruption rate etc,etc.For example-growth rate will be calculated by 50 % of GDP,30 % of HDI and 20 % of corruption rate etc ,etc in an economy.This time,in all economy of this world,GDP,HDI,corruption rate ,etc are observed separately not togetherly. If economic growth rate is calculated by these all things like GDP,HDI,corruption rate,the govt will be bound to frame its developmental plannation and project for poors and against corruption because growth rate will be very lower if govt will not work against corruption and for the poor and common people.This time,growth rate is slightly affected due to corruption,unemployment,poverty and all others like HDI because this is based on final production of goods and services and this is mostly furnished by the rich or middle class people of society.Even there is no more role of middle class in production of goods and services(commodities). So don’t be happy by seeing the growth rate of an economy or a state or a nation.

By the above explanation,I have tried to inform you that even all economic activities and effects of such activities are not observed as the scale of development because any govt wants to conserve capitalist mentality and only rich people of the society.Seeing growth rate on ground of GDP only is cheating from the innocent people.

There is a hypothetical idea in my mind,which requires a vast revolution to change the view of growth rate.This time,even we can’t be able to see growth rate on the basis of all economic activities or its effects like HDI,corruption etc.My view is to see growth rate on the basis of giving utility to all social views and works,individual views and works.This is a new concept and the real scale of measuring growth rate.
We give priority to a speech well delivered in the matter of globalization and we neglect a new research in the same matter.But only speech can’t play a role in development and research can play.We admire a personal achievement of a people,but we neglect those who work for others but personal achievement can’t play a role in development and working for others can play.We suppress true friendship between two individuals but we ourself did wrong by making others friends.There are a lot of mentalities which are anti-developmental like cateism,commulanism,regionalism and overall corruption.
There should be a unit of development equal to 1 and all things must be compared to the unit of development.For example-a person working against corruption can be provided 0.9 unit out of 1,a person being good in study can be provided 0.50 unit and a person being a casteist can be provided unit in negative like -0.5 unit and a person being a corrupt can be provided -0.9 unit.Utility or unit will be from -1 to 1..So this can be said that the utility of casteism is -0.5 out of 1.This can help to understand what a person is playing its role in development and where they are.

Besides,providing unit for a person out of 1 in each field.The gross(Total) unit of a society,state,nation or world can be counted.This will require a proper machinery to initiate survey of all things like corruption,caste,communalism etc and its percentage and its utility out of 1(development).For example-India may have casteism utility – 0.5 out of 1.This may be applicable for HDI also.For example:-If a certain region or nation has birth rate 990 out of 1000,utility of birth rate may be 0.99 out of 1.

Even utility can be provided for the final production of goods and services also,which we say GDP.What role a produced good or service play in the expected development and in which percent,this can be determined.Here,expected development is a vision which an economy will want to see when there will be no crisis and evils in an economy or negligible and expected development will be said as 1 unit to compare all things from this expected development.Similarly,what is the positive or negative role of casteism,corruption,individualism ,HDI in expected development,this will be observed and utility to corruption,casteism,HDI etc will be provided relatively to 1 unit of expected development.Expected development may be termed development expectancy.

Now,we will be able to calculate utility of all fields and then we will divide the total addition by total number of fields.Now this will give gross utility of all fields and now this will be said growth rate.For example:-If there are total 10 fields in an economy or state or region and gross utility of these fields are 0.5,0.6,0.8,0.9,0.2,0.3,0.4,-0.6,-0.8,-0.9.Thus the addition will be divided by 10 and thus expected developmental utility or gross developmental utility will be 0.14 out of its 1 unit or utile.

The behaviour of total people will be calculated in gross level because if a people behaves castly,this will be surveyed and we will get percent of such people who behave such and we will be able to understand,at what extent this is playing positive or negative role in development and thus its utility will be provided.

The utility to the activity of a people separately in addition to gross utility of an economy will be provided or will be known automatically due to fixed units of a work or a thinking.This will motivate a people and society to realize how they are playing role in development and how they evaluate themself relative to expected development. This will be also a subject for study in class and society will try to see the utility of a people or any activity.So surely,society will be changed.An economy will have to work for all fields because in case of no working its growth rate will be less and thus no leader will get vote in such less growth rate because people will think that the country is very slow because people will be not misleaded and cheated by the present growth rate.

Our present economy is passimistic and negative because what we have done better in comparision to previous year or period, data is presented on this ground.This must be presented in form of what we will do better in comparision to present year or period and for this,the concept of expected development or development expectancy is inevitable.

1 should be the universal unit of development expectancy. A people or a nation will be compared according to universal unit.What the world expects development and what is our role in this expectancy will be the scale of utility of a people or nation.Providing utility to a nation or its people will be differ from other nations as per circumstances of the nation.So this will be provided on basis of the expected development and its expected participation in the development of the world as per its circumstances.Ultimately,we will be also able to know what is the utility of this world out of 1.In this way,we will try to not be only a nationalistic, but also a global citizen.No any developed country will try to suppress its weaker because we all will have a global vision,weaker country will try to improve its utility in the map of world and due to similar unit of seeing development all over the world and all grounds,not only on very few economic,but social and mental too,even a developed country will not be called developed if they don’t follow such all things and a weaker country can go ahead more in these all area than developed.This will remove the mentality of developed country to see superior and empower underdeveloped and developing country to realize its power.

I have said about the universersal method of measuring economic growth rate by taking unit 1 as the maximum expectation of development .Now the question comes,how percentage of caste rate,corruption rate,GDP growth rate and all others will be converted into 1.This is easy.If we expect GDP growth rate of 10 % in a ceratin economy under a certain time which the world expects for its expected participation for the world and this is 5 % then 10 % will be 1 and 5 % will be 0.5.Means,development expectancy is unit 1(10 %) and development rate is 0.5 unit(5 %) . There is corruption rate of 50 % in an economy under a specific time in all schemes and works and this is resulted in 80 % of degradation against its expected participation for the world ,utility will be -0.8 not -0.5 because there are many side effects of corruption also which resulted in degradation in many aspects in the society or in an economy which can’t take part for the expected participation for the world, so corruption rate of 50 % created degration of 80 %. against the expected participation for the world.If due to 50 % corruption in an economy,there is degradation of 90 % against the expected participation for the world as per its circumstances,the utility will be -0.9.So this differs from an economy to another as per its circumstances.If useless gosping of 2 hours a day effects development negatively 5 % in an economy as per its expected participation for the world,the utility will be -0.05 . Where there can’t be percentage like birth rate of 900 out of 1000.Here,utility can be extratcted easily and this is 0.9.Ultimately utility of such all fields including environment will be added and average utility will be extracted.This is overall utility or economic growth rate,which i have said.

Justice J.N Singh will persue upon the matter now in High Court.Earlier,Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah would persue upon the matter and i was feeling a slight relief with a hope that the problem of casteism has been removed now because he is muslim.However,by his face Justice J.N Singh seems a person of humanity and philosophy instead of caste,corruption etc.So i hope, he shall do for true………..

This has been mystery to understand the involvement of SDO and DM in the conspiracy of principal to protect him.I have to spend all powers of my mind to understand conspiracy of these people.
SDO has not replied my contempt notice sent to him.This proves,if complaint is received and ordered for FIR by SDO after 18 months when case of same matter was already going on In Human Rights Commission,SDO did wrong.
SDO has refused twice to supply me a copy of complaint filed against me before him.Why he refused to supply me said documents.There may be one reason out of followings:-
1.In fact,no complaint is filed before SDO.But principal has manufactured forge papers so principal managed to SDO to reply that complaint is filed,if i ask.So SDO replied but didn’t send me documents as no complaint was filed and this is forge.SDO replied about 2012,not 2011.So this proves forgery but SDO wanted to show anyhow that complaint is filed as principal said him to show.
2.Principal managed with SDO to file complaint on Sept 2012,after manufacturing forge complaint of Sept 2011 to show anyway that complaint is filed.But there is difference of 1 year,so document is not sent to me.
3.Forge complaint of Sept 2011 is filed in real in Sept 2012.So this is clear that this is tried to make forge papers real because forge paper of 2011 is filed in 2012.So this is not supplied because by the paper,this will be clear that this is tried to make forge paper as genuine.
4.If forge complaint of 2011 is not filed in real in 2012,the complaint filed in 2012 consists newly contradictory statements which are different from previous complaints.

DM Office has not supplied me complaint filed against me before DM,report of principal in regard to this complaint,written proof of action taken by DM and i have sent RTI applications twice to supply these documents.In one previous reply,DM office refused to supply me order of DM sent to principal in regard to complaint filed against me and report of principal sent to DM in regard to my Awamanana Notice sent to DM by referring that principal has already supplied me these 2 papers.
There are some below reasons :-
1.In fact,no complaint was filed before DM.But principal managed to his lower officers to not say that no complaint is filed because principal manufactured forge papers.So by not responsing or referring to principal,this fact could be hidden that no complaint is filed.This may be also that these officers helped principal to manufacture forge papers.But these are forge,so documents are not sent to me.
2.If DM enquired into the matter from principal in regard to my contempt notice,principal replied something different that action is taken against me and this is accepted by my father because forge complaints filed to DM,was submitted to Human Rights Commission and principal has to reply such before DM to protect his forgery.DM could be able to understand that the paper addressed to him is forge but by replying as principal informed DM to protect himself,DM tried to hide the fact of forgery and deviate the issue.As principal replied something different before DM in regard to my contempt(Awamanana) notice sent to DM,so this paper is not supplied by DM office by referring to principal that principal has already supplied me that paper.
3.Besides report of principal filed to DM in regard to my contempt notice,all other papers like complaint filed to DM against me,report submitted by principal in regard to this complaint,order of DM in regard to this complaint etc,are not supplied because these are not filed in real and DM is known that not filed in real.So these are not sent to me by his lower officers but they want to hide this fact that these papers are not filed in real so they are not responsing or referring to principal.They want to protect principal as well as themself.If they will say that complaint is not filed in real,they will trap principal and if they will supply me documents then they will trap theirself also because they will send me these forge papers without the order of DM or even if DM orders to send these forge papers to me under RTI Act,2005,all will trap theirself in more tremendous way if i will be able to prove that these are forge papers.
4.In fact,this seems that DM is known that papers are forge and he wants to suppress this matter by not saying that paper is forge and not supplying me these papers as well.

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