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Rahul Kumar
May 25 at 8:34am ·
The case has now been approached to the High Court of Patna and i am the Petitioner.
On dated 5/1/2016,i accompanied by fourteen villagers met the then Collector of Darbhanga Mr Balamurugan D.He called the Executive Engineer, Flood Control Division-2,Jhanjharpur and the Special Land Acquisition Officer,Kosi Project, Darbhanga in Chamber and held that at this juncture embankment can be constructed only if farmers give land on lease,otherwise would be constructed after land acquisition.Thereafter farmers decided to not give land on lease and embankment be constructed only after land acquisition.
They wanted to construct by damaging Standing Crops.But Standing Crops got saved and harvested by farmers of my village i.e.Sughrain,also of some farmers of Baghmara & Laxminiya villages (both villages fall under Sughrain revenue village) and of Fuhia village.Now field is vacant and they will try to construct without land acquisition.But they all know that the case is pending in the High Court,so they must not do so till pendency of case.
The Chief Engineer,Department of Water Resources,Samastipur told me on dated 20/5/2016 while i appeared before him in connection with a First Appeal Hearing u/s 19(1) of the RTI Act,2005 that the Executive Engineer,Flood Control Division-2,Jhanjharpur will seek permission from the Collector, Darbhanga for construction of embankment in Sughrain village of Kusheshwarasthan East Block and the Executive Engineer will inform the Chief Engineer about the permission on next date of hearing i.e.16/06/2016.
I have also met the Principal Secretary,Department Of Water Resources on dated 30/03/2016,but he stated that he will anyhow construct embankment without land acquisition.So,i approached to the Court.
A lot of written complaints have been filed before all concerned authorities.
Why i don’t want to make them constructed without land acquisition?
You know that everywhere embankment is being constructed without land acquisition.Other projects of Bihar Govt and other State Govts like UP Govt are too constructed many times without land acquisition.
It is perhaps the first case approached to the Court seeking construction after land acquisition.If in one case,the Court takes strict view and order acquire land expeditiously, then construct embankment, then it will have a large effect on many projects throughout the Country.Other people will come forward with similar cases and thus Govts will have to make expeditious acquisition first.Presently due to failure of mechanism, it takes long time in acquisition and by the excuse of long time taken in land acquisition, they construct without land acquisition and land owners/farmers have to wait for compensation for many years.If project is constructed without land acquisition, then funds allotted for Social Impact Assessment (this Assessment is conducted before Preliminary Notification of acquisition) are chewed up.After construction, there is no relevance of this assessment, hence not conducted.In Darjia-Fuhia Kamla Balan Right Embankment Expansion Project (the Project under which land of my revenue village also falls) , Rs 90 Lakhs have been allotted for this assessment.Rs 90 Lakhs are going to be chewed up,if we give them to construct without land acquisition.Otherwise they will have to conduct assessment at least in my revenue village Sughrain and also in Fuhia where embankment has not been constructed due to our representations,but have been constructed/being constructed in all other villages,except Sughrain and its next village and destination of project i.e.Fuhia.
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Amit Sonu
Amit Sonu God bless u bro .
Unlike · Reply · 1 · May 25 at 10:59am
Amit Sonu
Amit Sonu God bless u bro .bt hmlogo ki sunta kon
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Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar #AmitSonu-Agree that humlogo ki sunta kaun hai…That’s why i have to approach the High Court.When i went to meet the Collector with villagers, then Sudhir was in Sughrain. You may know matter betterly from Sudhir.
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Rahul Kumar

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