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What’s going on in Syria is competent enough to prove that human is only a brutal animal.

Iran is a Shi’a country and opponent of Iraq,So Iran has started to support Syrian President as President is a Shi’a. Whereas,Iraq is Sunni country and rebels of Syria are Sunni,who are opposing against Shi’a President Asad and started to support Rebels because of being Sunni.Saudi Arabia and Qatar etc are Sunni Countries and started to support Sunni rebels.

Terrorist Organization of Lebnan namely Hizbulla has started to support Syrian President because Hizbulla is a shi’a organization and One Terrorist Organization namely Jamaat al-Nusra, associated with Al-Qaeda has started to support Rebels because Jamaat al-Nusra is a Sunni organization ,
Syrian Revolution has been converted into ethnic violence now.

Three permanent members of UNO Security Council –USA,Britain and France have started to support rebels and two others China and Russia have started to support president.

China and Russia is going on the policy to protest against the superiority of USA and establish itself as the competitor of USA. It’s right.But to protest against US superiority and establishing as a competitor, one should not start to support a dictator president and should not create clash in the UNO security Council. It’s only the work of opposite minded to do such.

Firstly,the world is going to be divided on ground of Shi’a and Sunni and it may spread war between two groups:-

1,Group of Shi’a Country and Shi’a Terrorist Organization
2.Group Of Sunni Countries and Sunni Terrorist Organization.

Secondly,challenging superiority of USA by China and Russia by supporting Syrian President and by such other similar issues ,may lead to war because USA will attack Syria and it may be possible that Russia and China will start war in favour of Syria.

Similarly, If something is done against North Korea by USA, China and Russia will start to fight in favour of North Korea and it will lead to world war.
If North Korea attacks South Korea, USA and other NATO countries will attack North Korea and China and Russia will fight in favour of N Korea.

It will not happen presently but it may happen in future.

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