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Principal presented himself as a Hitler.But if Hitler would trap me with Sanjeev,i would fight with Hitler also.Hitler would kill me because i think about the theory of survival of fittest and natural selection in the humanitarian existence.But this is just reverse of Hitler so this would be dangerous for Hitler and kill me.If Hitler would trap me,i would start to write more and more against the cruelty of Hitler-how Hitler is presenting the survival of fittest?How Hitler is presenting the theory of natural selection?No matter is that Hitler would kill me.

I would write:-

There can be the survival of fittest in the humanitarian existence also.There can be the natural selection in the humanitarian existence also.But there will be the developmental manner.Presenting the theory in destructive manner of violence between two communities can be only termed as the destruction created by Hitler.In the humanitarian existence,we have to be fit for survival in the coming time.Unless,we will be not able to survival.Bacause all round problems are increasing.These problems will seize the survival of human beings.So we must start to work for the development to be fit for the survival.Individually also,each and every person will have to be fit for the survival because a person going with non-developmental,non-creative manner can’t be fit for the survival .So don’t try to violence between two communities and start to be fit for the survival.

I would write:-

A person like Hitler will be not fit for the survival because increasing problems will require adoptable behaviour.Hitler can present this theory in wrong manner but he is also not fit for the survival.So why Hitler is presenting jews as unfit for survival.Hitler must start to be fit for survival because jews are fit.Jews want development so jews are fit.Nazis want destruction.So nazis are unfit.

I would write:-

Nature has selected everyone for the survival.We have to be adjusted according to the nature.So destructor like nazis can’t be selected by nature for the survival because firstly nazis liked person will not be able to live properly due to their wrong works.A person going with good works can be only fit for survival.This will be the demand of coming time.In the humanitarian existence,the theory of natural selection lies in the interrelationship with nature.How we select natural love,natural self-respect and natural happenings for our reformation,for our development.Jews can love with nature.Jews can regard the self-respect of nature.Jews can have the power to increase their knowledge by understanding the various happenings.Nazis can have also equal senses.So jews and nazis are equal for nature.

I would say to Hitler:-

You are atheist.So you are doing such with jews.But you can have the option to challange those who are believers of god. The believers of god expect their happy life after their death.So they want to do good for their happy life after death.This thing created individual love because they think about their self. In this way,actual sense of good works is not created.In this way a believers of god also don’t do good.So you can have the option to learn people about the uiversal love.You can learn people to adopt sustainable development.For this,you can learn people to love with coming generations.Working for sustainable development is love to coming generations and love to coming generations is the actual love to a blooded child. Because our children will face problems.(I have discussed about this sense of love in my blog-”Love As A God.”).You can say-working good is survival of fittest.Working good is natural selection.This thing will generate good works in people.It will be challenging for the individual love of god believers.This will help god believers as well as atheist to do good.In this way,this will be challenging for god believers because they will see thier individual selfishness and modify their theory of dedication to god.They will say-living good is survival of fittest,natural selection and dedication to god.But you are doing wrong,while you have no dedication to god.What is this?

But now i can only inform the soul of Hitler about the more wrongness of present time which is done against me. I would like to inform the soul of Hitler that the concept of survival of fittest and natural selection against him is created by me by living with a boy but with whom i am trapped.His psychological changing and cooperation in every aspects of life led me to this concept.

How principal is more wrong? Because,Hitler would kill me but would not trap.So the below article is dedicated to Hitler.


I am sure that if i would be wrong,i would commit suicide.If justice will be not provided,i will do so.If this system can’t give me justice,this system must hang a person like me who becomes the victim of corruption.I could get justice,in view of this,i have prepared 47 cases against principal.principal trapped me after complaining against him due to the individual tyranny created by principal with that boy who was helpful for my philosophy of VISION 2047.I have prepared 47 cases against principal.If it will go in vein,Vision 2047 will go in vein.Because i will be not present so my philosophy will be not present.
In ”Gita-Sandesh” there is a message:-
Whatever you acquire today was of others yesterday and will be of others tomorrow. Yesterday monkeys were our ancestors and tomorrow we will be the ancestors of others.On that time these present monkeys would be existing in another form but would be monkeys and this would be converted into human beings and monkeys.Some monkeys remained monkeys and others changed into human beings !It’s never possible.The monkeys of that species would be extinct now.So the monkeys of that species made human beings and present monkeys. Slowly and gradually,our DNA metabolism changed and this will change the human beings also and human beings will be extinct and ancestors.Because the evolution is the cause and consequence of changing in DNA metabolism.After lacs of years,the microscopically changing in DNA metabolism can change full of character and structure.If there will be no drastic changing in environment,few things will be not changed.These are land,water and air etc,etc.We can be extinct and there can be our successors,who will also have to use these natural resources.Our ancestors also had to use these resources.Every organisms including human beings have to use these resources.
Now i come to the point.A person had greatest relationship to air,water and land etc,etc.It was in past,it will be in future.Even there will be the extinction of human beings and there will be the successors but those successors will have the greatest relationship with air,water and land etc,etc.Our ancestors had the greatest relationship with air,waret and land etc,etc.A person can’t have greatest relationship with family and relatives etc,etc.Two boys born by a parents are termed as brothers.Those two brothers have relationship with each-other because they are born by a parents.We are operated by air,water and land etc,etc.Why we can’t be related to all?I take air as a breathe.With whom,i am objected,is taking water as a breathe?Our everything is same.So we all are same.It’s the natural view of living and i was just living with Sanjeev on the basis of this view because my total philosophy is being created with the loving interaction with nature.Because i love air,water and land etc,etc.You can see this on my both of blog and time comes when we leave our body,our relatives leave their body.But the things which are related to us and don’t leave,are air,water and land.So a person can be related with other person on this natural basis first.I was just related with him on this basis.On the basis of family and relatives etc,etc,a person is related with other person after the natural basis.

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