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IT can solve the problem of corruption

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IT can solve the problem of corruption.It’s easier and cheaper.There is only need to constitute some governing organizations.Following steps can be followed…
1.All investment accounts like bank,insurance,share must be attached with ADHAR Card-UID Card.
2.In this card,there must be asset declaration of all public servants,social servants and politicians and all account holders and all citizen of an economy.
3.If a person further invests money in any form like sharing,banking, insurancing must be recorded in this card and this card must be connected to a governing body which will keep the record of all transactions like a telecom company which keeps all record of SIM card.
4.Now by this governing body,this will be clear how much extra money a person has invested out of his/her income.
5.If a person invests extra money through another like relatives ,friends etc,there will be asset declaration and UID of these people also and thus governing body will be known about extra money invested by these people.
6.There will be customer care of this governing body and all citizens will have right to ask everything related to an UID No and that person and through RTI Act also will be asked.
7.All informations related to a person and UID No will be updated on the website of this governing body.For convenience,there will be branch of this governing body in all districts dealing with people of UID No of respective district.
8.High Court/Supreme Court/ED/CBI/Income tax department or may be any,will have to take self or sou moto cognizance against the people or UID No,which are shown possessing extra money in the website of this governing body.
9.Establishing special court to take self cognizance against the extra money shown in the website and furnishing complaint of common people against corrupt will be better.Everything is possible.
10.Now,everyone will want to convert black money into white money by giving black money to any trust,party etc.So there will be asset declaration and UID No of the trust,party also and a trust,party will have only bank deposited money.
11.So if a trust,party works without withdrawing money from the bank,this will be clear that this is black money and if money is deposited in the account,this will be clear that from where this has been deposited and who has donated money to a trust is out of his income or not.
12.UID No will be applicable also for investment in foreign.In this way,no black money will go to foreign.
13.Now,if someone keeps extra money in home,will be caught and if wants to be free from the money,will have to donate among poors and needy people.
Thus, corruption will be stopped or those who have actual right to get money like poor and needy will get.

Under Indian Evidence Act,1872 statement of victim,any eyewitness and scientific proof is only evidence and all above are in my favour but there is only priority of statement of mother,teachers,principal,officers who are not evidence.Law is foolish.
Always,there can be an easy way to catch false case if trapped by police or any Govt authority like JNV.There should be conclusion of report even by taking the favour of an accused without compelling to accept offence.No my side is taken,i.e-false case.
Date,time,time-duration,physical or mental effect of the incident,resistivity during or after incident etc have not shown.But i am alleged in the above case.How this can be believed without above details of the incident?

I am called aggressive by many including Judge.If fighting against slavery and suppression is aggression,what term may be used for those who suppress and understand slave others.They are terrorist. Even human rights commission has no understanding of human rights.
A person who traps someone falsely is more dangerous than thousands criminals,as per conclusion by a statement written in law.But we start to see an accused wrong and trapist-who traps falsely-right.The mentality must be neutral and see everyone as human.
Corruption is on the origin of all crimes whether may be rape,terrorism,murder.So those corrupt who torture others due to working against corruption must be hanged.So principal,SDO,DM,Judge and any who may be involved to protect principal must be hanged.

A man has lower expectation to others,so understand others sex object,subject of interest taking and misdeed,medium for personal work.I see others with higher expectation but i am trapped due to lower expectation of people.Expectation must be higher.
This is easiest to make expectation higher and then we will be able to remove all evils.
There will be no corruption if our expectation will be higher to others.If our expectation will be higher,we will understand the problems of others.Today,i am trapped and no problem is seen by others because they have lower expectation towards a friendship.
Fansi is not appropriate punishment.This is violation of Human Rights declared universally on 10 Dec 1945.I have said about Fansi due to tension.Anybody murders someone,it never means we must murder him.This is brutality.Even many cases are false.

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