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JNV,समस्तीपुर या खाप पंचायत?

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Whether JNV,Samastipur is JNV, Samastipur or Khap Panchayat.Of course,JNV,Samastipur is Khap Panchayat.JNV,Samastipur is more dangerous Khap Panchayat.A Khap Panchayat goes behind the social prejudices only.This Khap Panchayat goes behind the corruption as well as prejudice in the same effective manner.Corruption has become the prejudice itself in this Khap Panchayat.You can see the oppressions of this Khap Panchayat in my previous blogs of this site and on my another see some more effects of this Khap Panchayat.Only on the basic of doubt,this Khap Panchayat trapped me and expelled.On 7 March 2011,due to the irritative nature to principal,a teacher was torturing me but was showing salute to principal on 14 Sept 2011 to impress him.What is the principle of this Khap Panchayat?Besides Principal,i want to prosecute 5 more of this Khap Panchayat so i am going to study Law.I will prosecute,if they will show salute to principal in High Court .This Khap Panchayat created depresson a lot .I was in depression and i can’t understand the mass depression of Sanjeev after 8 March and this thing became the consequence of the increasing of his depression and my depression.I have focused about the psychology of Sanjeev in my another site and blog was titled-VISION 2047 V/S Principal.How depression and phobia had affected Sanjeev,it can be observed by the below:-
On 12,17 & 22 March 2011,he became ready to jump from the roof.I had asked or said him only general thing but became ready to jump.It’s so because he had been depressed in such manner by that system.Due to very small behavior,he reflected phobiatic nature.Because he had been depressed in such manner.”If any teacher would see him with me”… –tremendous fair settled in his mind.”
If anyone would trap me if i would come at morning because it would be termed as night by that one.”This would be conspiracy for trapping.In this way he became so afraid.He started to say-”If you would come at morning,they would term it as night.This was the fear. If i said him one word against him,his mind had stopped to work for 5 hours and became toughed.It’s so because that system had depressed him in such manner.This was the panic and reality of that sytem.But we are the person of prejudice.So we have only the eye of prejudices.So i was being objected for his depression also.
How we can have the power to see the problems beyond the prejudices?What is the differences between Khap Panchayat and our surroundings?We have not acquired such structure so there is no Khap Panchayat.They have acquired such structure so there is Khap panchayat .This is the only difference.Unless,our mentality is same.In JNV,Samastipur,more dangerous Khap Panchayat is existing.Whatever they do wrong ,they never consider.But they consider prejudices.
What is the legality of that written complain which is complaint only due to doubt?What is legality of the complaining of those boys who complaint for their protection against torturing?What is the legality of principal’s verdict which is given after his complaining?What is the legality of that written complain which is one-sided-compaint due to misleadership of very few boys who wanted revenge due to their invidual problems.What is the legality of the complaining of those boys who had individual problems?Why others not complaint?What is the legality of principal’s verdict which is given only on the basic of statement of 2-3 witnesses but there must be the statement of 14+ 7= 21. 14 his roommates and 7 my roommates.
Principal knows that there is the unsociality of principal everywhere so it is easy to pressurise a child like Sanjeev.So Sanjeev said that he used to see me at morning.He is not known about night.But he was known that i didn’t remain at his bed at night.But the matter is that he used to see me at morning.That’s why i didn’t do anything wrong.
This is the first in history where a friend was working as a reflector for the philosophy of his friend but we want to see only our negative mentalily.I am working for poors and labours by my philosophy.So those who trapped are the opponent of poors and labours.Opponent of development.
The Most Corrupt School
All informations of this article titled:-The most corrupt school is only till March 2011. On my another,i have posted a written complain about the irregularities of JNV Samastipur with this titled blog.Now the question arises that how three parallel governments were going on in my ex-vidyalaya.What sorts of dominancy of principal was going on?This dominancy can be reflected by his personal property which can be observed in muzaffarpur and patna.Principal constructed something at Muzaffarpur and bought property at patna as i have informed.I am not conformed so i am sorry.Either it is shopping complex or private school.I am not conformed.What was the reasons of dissatisfaction among some teachers?Principal didn’t want to listen them.This was the reason.Another reasons are described belw:-
1.There was no deregulation of departments.Economic power of each department was under the acquisition of principal,as i was informed.It must be under the supervision of principal only.It was right earlier.
2.Even water & electricity department was submerged in store department and there was no incharge.It was right earlier.Submerging of this department led to corruption.
3.Before July 2010,manythings to students was not provided or provided with very late.
4.Principal didn’t care about general law and order.

5.There is no incharge of store. Principal has the ecomomic controlling of this department.This information is only till March 2011.

More than 1 crore rupees are deposited in Punjab National Bank Of Birauli,Samastipur,which is of JNV Samastipur.I was informed that it is deposited for last 4- 5 years.For the developmental work undere school,it was provided but still it is deposited.The major reason behind this thing is that this money of JNV Samastipur is now waiting to be the money of a person like principal and others.So still it is deposited.If it would have to be used,it would be used.This information is only till March 2011.

There was the discussion of formation of stadium since 2010.But still there is no progress.The money has been sanctioned,as i was informed.But it seems that more than 3 crores of rupees will be the money of person like principal and others.This information is only till March 2011.

What is right know,i don’t know.But i know that these dissatisfactions of teachers and principal’s mentality created dissatisfaction among some students in negative manner also.Due to these all reasons,now i am in this miserable position.It would be better to commit suicide.
This system did everything but objected me.This system tortured a small boy lot.Psychologically deviated and depressed but objected me.This system utilized a mother for his wrong work.We are utilizing our motherland for our wrong work.Why we wan’t utilize a mother?Everyone had done more wrong with that small boy in comparision to me,but i was objected.I can prove this.Everyone was doing more wrong between each-other in comparision to my friendly relationship,but i was objected?
That everyone was more wrong with me also in comparision to my wrongness.But due to bigotry,they trapped me,utilized a mother as a medium,depressed a child out of his controlling level.
What is this?
In fact,corruption have acquired a bigot and extreme ideology and this bigotry and extremism can do anything,as it is done by bigotry and extremism.Corruption has become a civil-war.We can understand this by this structural effect of corruption.
If i can get reflection towards changing definition of liberty,equality and fraternity etc,etc by this structural effect of corruption,why i can’t get reflection towards other aspects of my philosophy by living with that boy?
On 26 July 2011,when principal was informed that i wanted TC,he replied that he could understand my problem.But on 23 Aug 2011,when i desired to live in school,he replied that he is not able to understand my problem.What is this?On 31 Dec 2010,there was the probability of arriving of NVS,Commissioner,i was appreciated on assembly.But on 14 Sept,a person who appeciated was showing salute to principal.What is this?
What is the resistant force against this bigotry?We must remove the bigotry of caste,religion etc,etc.It will remove the bigotry of corruption.A bigot person do JIHAD at the name of religion.They must know about the importance of JIHAD.Presently,there is no any religious crisis whether it may be internal or external,so JIHAD is baseless by them.The only religious crisis is corruption.Because a religion don’t allow corruption.So such bigot must be ready for the JIHAD against corruption in non-violent manner.This is the strive on the way of god.It’s the time of making our definition liberal.No matter is that it is described in our ecipes or not.Because our ecipes will not permit for the wrong work but permit for the positive work.It might be right that JIHAD would be right on that time.But JIHAD defined by me is right according to this time.
What will be the great thing?Because we will implement the manner of bigotry-JIHAD- in a developmental manner and this developmental manner will fight with the bigotry of corruption. We can implement every bigotry in the developmental manner.Let us first implement JIHAD in new manner-developmental manner.If we want enrichment of our religion and enrichment of country along with this enrichment,we must convert our every definition in developmental manner along with religious manner.Conversion of JIHAD is an example of this.This is idea is the idea of sustainabilism.
How we had to be bond in friendly relationship?I had created a peculiar emotion.How i was so lunatic,i was living with a boy but i could live with any of 5-6 girls because they liked me and were toppers.But i wanted to live for philosophy so i was living with a boy who was helpful.A boy goes behind 5-6 girls.5-6 girls could be seen going behind a boy.
I knew that everyone would see my friendly relationship in wrong manner.I could be trapped.So i don’t like to live with him,but it was necessary to live because i was alone,i was teased,i was mispresented.In this condition also,i would not live.But whatever the coincidences,reflections and cooperations were shown by him,i coudn’t stop myself to make him friend.
The below lines can reflect my griefs:-
Why i was born?
It was better to be a corn!
I would be grown!
Why i am thrown?

I am right.
How principal are bigot corrupt?His mother was afraid and sympathetic when i remained unknown on 24 Aug 2011 but due to unsociality of principal,she became as usual.How i am suppressed?In one hand,principal didn’t give me opportunity to be cross-examined against his mind-composed idea of my regular sleeping but still didn’t clear.On the other hand,principal referred to the written complaining of his mother but he didn’t justify according to that basis ,as i said. After complaning against principal,everyone was showing salute to principal.I have already explained about a teacher who tortured on 7 March 2011.An another teacher who was talking so rudely as if he was abusing Sanjeev on 10 January 2011 and was saying very wrongly to me on 7 March 2011,was showing salute to principal.My father said that Sanjeev is saying that he used to see me at morning time.Principal must be concentrated to this point.But principal silenced my father.Yes,due to the statement of Sanjeev,principal had to be silent in front of Hindustan.So he referred to the written complain of his mother.If principal trappd me on the basis of Sanjeev’s statement,why he referred to the wrtten complain of his mother?Sanjeev knows only that what i have done with him.He said nothing.What i have done wrong?A principal can’t have the right to capture the right of a child.A parents can’t have the right to capture the right of a child.Whatever Sanjeev said was right.

On 14 Sept,when my father said that Sanjeev is saying that he used to see me at morning time,those two teachers who behaved wrongly start to murmur in favour of principal.Those two teachers start to say that he used to see me at morning time.This is sufficient.What is this?If those teachers would be in place of me and would go to meet with his friend at morning time but would be objected.Would they accept the objection?Why those two was murmuring?Becaue they had invidivual problems and wanted impression from principal. A boy who was leader of everything was saying on 8 March that i used to start knock his door between 3-4 A:M.He was telling lie because on 14 Sept,that boy was saying that i knocked his door between 12- 1 and for only one day.He was in confusion because he was telling lie.Only knocking door is not competent enough.That boy must be the eye-witness of sexual relationship.

I had to be interacted with a teacher on 2 Janaury 2011 but as he presented that interaction in front of principal on 14 Sept was fully exaggerated and indication of attempting impression to principal.That teacher said that he prohibited his respective students to go outside from their room after 9:30 P:M but i came to meet with that teacher.Why i will go against this because only prohibition is not the implementation of rule so if i would want to meet with Sanjeev after 9:30 P:M,I could go.For three times,he had said to Sanjeev regarding my matter so i went to meet with him.But he said that he was saying among students. Everyone wanted to create conspiracy so that i could be trapped. That teacher knew that he was doing wrong so he created such story.Principal wanted to impress Sanjeev by saying that i have problem from his house changing.He wanted to impress Sanjeev that means principal was accepting internally that i was not wrong.Why principal withdrew me from hostel and main gate?Because he knew that he was wrong and i would say against him inside campus.I am right so i know that DNA test can’t prove anything.Narco and Brain Scanning can’t prove anything.




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