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Lack Of strategy or hypocrisy?

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Policing in new Democratic Model…
I have still not said about Policing in my democratic model.Each level of policing can be included in my model by composing legislatives and judiciaries of policing at each level alongwith chief legislative and judiciary like the present executive system.

The works of legislatives as under:-

Legislative can raise question immediately against the brutality,carelessness and fixing of police,can audit the policing activities,can order to take action against complaint ,can pass proposal for respective judiciary to take action against erring police officials,can help to protect a person to trap in false case,can ensure help to victim,can look into and investigate over the maltreatment of police and so on as can be..

Judiciary works as under:-

Judiciary can take complaint against the brutality,carelessness and fixing of police,can look into and investigate over the maltreatment of police after receiving complaint or taking sou moto cognizance by knowing matter from any medium,can take action against police,can audit the policing activities,and so on as can be….

Audit,investigation etc to the matter by legislative will finally be justified by respective judiciary and can be challenged in the senior judiciary of that department or chief judiciary in the case of dissatisfaction by any.
Balance Between Work Of Legislative and Judiciary In New Democratic Model

Not only in policing,everywhere there will be final justification by judiciary in the case of auditing and investigating by legislative so that there should not be unbalance between the right of legislative and judiciary.
Like judiciaries , every legislatives will be in professional in nature and will be working whole years
because we live for whole years so how legislatives can live for only 2 or 3 sessions or irregular for months.
This professional in nature of every legislative will enforce our present system to organize meetings regular and frequently whether it may be Panchayati Raj or municipal system or state and central legislatives w here no session will be disturb.
Such changes can occur only by revolution and then modifying constitution and this change is applicable for all country.

A Good Way To Control Cyber Crime and Honour freedom of expression

How much we have been individualistic and politicalized can be understood by our view in favour or against social media.We talk about syber crime going on through social media .On the other hand Govt wants to humiliate freedom of expression to solve it.
We never talk about solution in medium way.There must be effort to keep the re
cord of all account holder like SIM.There must be agency for this where a person will register all details,only they can open account.
By this agency,a special code can be provided to a person.This code will have to verify by that person when he/she sign up.Social media will match whether the related details which have been register to the agency having special code is right or not.
If all informations and code are found correct,only then account of that person will be opened.
All details and code provided to a person by the agency can be sent to social media team by electronic medium.So this will not take more time.
This process can be implemented in to open blogs,emails etc also.
In this way we can control cyber crime as well as honour right to expression.
This process must be implemented throughout the world.
All accounts which have been opened whether it may be social media,blogs,emails-they also must be registered in the same way.Accounts which are not registered must be blocked.A person can’t register only when he/she is involved in cyber crime.
This will be better if UID No. will be used as code for accounts.A person can have twitter,facebook,blogs,emails etc but the UID of that person will be used as code for all accounts.Indian Govt must provide UID card to all as soon as possible.
The countries which have implemented UID schemes must use this as a code for all internet accounts.
In fact,there will be no need to take details and establish agency if UID code is used as code.
A person input fake No. but match to UID No.,in this condition the facebook team/gmail team etc-whether it may be-can ask question related to detail of UID card,only then account can be created.
Please use term -‘create’every where in the place of term-‘ open’.I am saying about process of sign up where account is created,not opened.
An optional way of reservation in promotion

There must be a central commission and state commissions like information commissions to persue upon the matter of promotion in the case if someone is deprived to be promoted on the basis of caste or anyway.This can solve problems of descrimination.
In this way,no party can loot vote banks and there will be no creation of wrong attitude between reserved
class and non-reserved class.
In this way,no one can fill the humiliation of right to equality of opportunity.So if any party which dosn’t want to loot vote banks must try to pressure other parties to prepare effective draft for this promotion commission and then pass in parliament.
This commission have all powers like human rights commission .

Lack Of strategy or hypocrisy?

No one in this country wants to encourage and motivate common people.Anna and Ramdeo must do indefinite fast again and must die if demand is not granted.
So instead of any political expectation,Anna,Ramdeo and others must be combined and must do indefinite fast only for lokpal since the starting day of next parlamentary session .
Instead of giving political statements,they all must only give state
ments related to rights and dignity of common people . If they don’t do above noted things,we must understand either they no diplomacy or hypocratic.
They must join common people with creative activities like Gandhi if they have diplomacy or they are not hypocratic.
A person like me who is too tortured due to corruption,gets demoralization to fight against torturing and a person like principal who tortured a lot due to corruption,gets motivation to torture more and involve in bad activities.They all must feel this.


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