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No Justice Means Suicide

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One day pain said to wealth-‘’How much you are fortunate? Everyone wants to get you.How much I am unfortunate? Everyone wants to make distance from me.”

Wealth replied-‘’You are the fortunate. People get you and remember oters.I am the unfortunate.People get me and forget others.’’

Principal is wealth. But he is fortunate. I am wealth but I am unfortunate.

Everyone was more wrong with Sanjeev in comparision to me but I am trapped.That everyone was more wrong with me also in comparision to my relationship.Because,my relationship was pure. Principal is also more wrong with him because by objecting with me for his corrupt activities, principal has sold the self-respect of him.Firstly, principal sold the self-respect of him and lastly for this,he utilized his mother as a medium.This is the double-selling of the self-respect of Sanjeev.By utilizing his mother as a mother,principal has sold the self-respect of his mother.I haven’t sold the self-respect of Sanjeev because I am not wrong with him.His soul will be realising that everyone is more wong in comparision to me.Sanjeev and no any witness objected wrongly but principal trapped me.This is the triple –selling of the self-respect of Sanjeev.
I was living with him only due to my philosophy of sustainabilism.I have to live alone in the life without making anyone as an informal friend due to this philosophy.So I can’t put up with the exploitation of Principal.I can’t put up with that objection.I have already irritation from maximum human beings.So I don’t like to talk with anyone.But with whom,I was talking,I am objected.Corruption has bound me to commit suicide.I am not doing such wrong thing,but I will have to do when I will not get justice.I have also a psychology.I have also an emotion.I have also a self-respect.Everything has been seized by principal.
If someone will give me the offer for PM then I will reject because I will say to make me free from that objection.I can do many things if I will be free from that objection. As a PM,I can’t do no more if I will be objected.

If i was wrong,then why Sanjeev’s mother became afraid when i had to far away Delhi but anyone was not known.If i was wrong then she must not be afraid because Sanjeev would say against me for the protection of his mother in the condition of something wrong happening with me.

Govt must start ”CORRUPTIONOLOGY”


You have studied many things about the tyranny of principal on my another site- you are reading also on this

Principal objected me without understanding all round situations.This is the faith of blind to corruption.His mother doubted without understanding all round situations.This is the faith of blind to prejudices.We are creating new faith of blind-superstitions in new manner.In new manner of corruption and prejudices.

If a child was suffering from many psychological problems due to effects created by oppressions then how it is possible to go on that way with him?If i was already facing chronic tension and tension increased after his frienship then how it is possible to go on that way?Without tackling about one problem,one can’t increase another problem.

We,both of us,never had the power to talk independently about individuals problems and individuals matters because we had become the victim of a peculiar fear.Then, how this is possible to go on that way?

What do you imagine about others?If they would be in place of me? Would they invovled on that way? Obviousely not.Because,they had to face a lot of problems.I am also among ”They.”So i am not wrong.

Besides this,I had philosophical view of living with him .I have a peculiar natural emotion.Without understanding all round situations,how principal can verdict? Even,principal is a PGT,Biology.Of course,principal is a PGT,”Corruptionology.”If govt can’t provide me justice then govt must start the course of ”Corruptionology.”


Govt must start corruptionology because corrupt person know only corruption but there is no any principle.On 14 Sept,when principal was threatening me-


”If you want your betterment,never come in front of my eye.”


”I am five times more lunatic than you.”


”You are going to harass my dignity,i am going to harass of you.”


He was saying so that means he has done wrong against me by trapping me.So he was saying.He was also saying to prove my written complain against him.He was ready for organising assembly for this.But i refused by saying that this  matter is not under the consideration of me.But on 16 Sept,by SMS and email, i have said that i want to prove you corrupt and i was also ready for this that objection against me must be proved in assembly.This would be the democracy.This would be the implementation of autonomy and independent legislative as i have discussed.This But he didn’t reply.He could reply because i took TC on 28 Sept.He was himself saying me to prove but why he didn’t on that condition also when i was ready against me also?


He referred Sanjeev’s mother written complain in front of Hindustan.Principal never informed me about this and i was not known about the mentioned things of that complain.So i mailed him to convey me about the mentioned things of that written complain.But he didn’t.What is thing?Why there is no principle.Corruptionology will implement the principle.

Why I Am Still Alive?

Why i am still alive?
Whatever i have faced in my life is competent enough to commit suicide.If someone will shoot me,it will be better because i can tolerate my death but can’t tolerate that objection against me. this objection is worse than death.
I have read a line of Dr. Zakir Hussain:-
”Death in the open field is better than life in the small hut.”
I have to struggle like as Chandani,no matter is that i have become the victim of a wolf.
My freedom has been seized by trapping me in the sleeping condition with a boy who was only the emotional,psychological & philosophical expectation of my life.
I have not to prefer the small hut of tyranny.Still i am alive because:-
1.I want justice.
2.I am working for the creation of a new philosophy.
3.There are many poors who face more problems in comparision to me due to corruption. I respect their self-respect and i want to create new philosophy for them.So i am bearing my pains.
4.I have a peculiar love with nature.This love is like as god for me.
5.The boy,who was living with me, faced a lot of oppressions for living with me.So i respect this sense of struggle.
But if justice will be not provided then:-
”Death in the open field is better than life in the small hut.”

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