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Dear Friends……

The Deputy Commissioner Of the NVS Patna has sent me a letter seeking evidences from me on the behalf of my allegations charged against the principal of JNV Samastipur…

As i have informed you that the National Human Rights Commission has directed the Union Ministry OF HRD to take appropriate action at its level in respect of my complaint against the violation of human rights of many students by the said Principal.The HRD Ministry forwarded the matter to the NVS without deciding on its merit and G Arumugam,the Deputy Commissioner (Acad ) Of the NVS quashed my all allegations without giving opportunity of representation to me and without enquiring through the side of students.
Thereafter,i have approached to the HRD Ministry against G Arumugam.

However, the Deputy Commissioner Of NVS Patna had said me to clarify my signature and through an application,i submitted clarification and pointed out that THE PRINCIPAL IS TOTALLY A PERSON OF BAD CONDUCT AGAINST WHOM AN INDEPENDENT ENQUIRY IS REQUIRED..In this regard,the Deputy Commissioner has sought evidences from me.I am going to send all evidences which were submitted by me in my application filed before Sri Arvind Pandey,the Inspector General Of Police Of Darbhanga Zone.The principal is also directed by the Deputy Commissioner to submit report on his behalf.

A lot of allegations with documentary proofs have been charged by me against principal including sexual contact with the Metron (which is however rape under section 376B of the IPC),sexual assualt of a former school girl,falsely implication of some students including myself and also a girl who was stated just like misconduct,fabrication of forge papers against me in back date,illegal explusion of some students,torturing of some staffs,fraudism of the fund,illegal benefit to the both children of metron by illegally filling form for JNVST exams and thereafter illegally admitting of the son of metron in JNV Muzaffarpur,illegal cutting of govt trees without the prior permission of forest department,illegal cutting of the wages of daily wage workers,illegal admission of principal’s both sons in govt medical and engineeing college,mental torturing and illegal rustication of some students etc,etc……

In the meanwhile,i could not be able to meet Arvind Pandey Sir,though he has called me to meet him.I have informed you that the SP of Samastipur has done nothing but he was directed by Arvind Pandey sir to get my petition enquired.I am at home because the College is off due to BA Part III exam and my parents don’t permit me to stay at Darbhanga in Holidays.However,i am going to Darbhanga on 25 March and thereafter i will meet him with some new proofs against Principal,SDO,Dalsingsarai and some officers of Collectorate,Samastipur.



I am going to vote for NOTA…
I am going to start a movement for NOTA after some years.
One poor labour belonging to the ”Mushar Community” (A caste listed under Scheduled Caste) was said by me to not VOTE any candidate by pressing the last button of the EVM and he agreed.Actually,he was disappointed with the present political scenario.He asked me what is the benefit of NOTA….I answered him that if most of the voters reject all candidates by not casting Vote in favour of any,then such candidates will be forced to stop fighting election and related party will be forced to not give such candidates ticket.He was satisfied from my logic…
I need to mention first that the Supreme Court Committed serious error of law by not making provision that if 50 % voters or more than 50 % voters of that constituency who cast vote choose NOTA,then there will be reelection there and the contesting candidates will be banned to fight again from there.Pakistan has made such law ,but India didn’t.
NOTA could change the present political scenario if Supreme Court would make provision that if 50 % voters or more than 50 % voters of that constituency who cast vote choose NOTA,then there will be reelection there and the contesting candidates will be banned to fight again from there.

But still NOTA can be a powerful movement than any other movement.
Still NOTA Consists the character of all the movements led by Mahatma Gandhi..
NOTA is Satyagrah Movement because we request candidates and party to work for the truth and give opportunity of representation to such people who can work for truth.
NOTA is Non-Cooperation Movement because we non-cooperate with such candidates,political party,leader,govt ,electoral process and constitution.
NOTA is Civil Disobedience Movement because we disobey the present law regarding election ,we disobey the electing candidates and parties and we disobey our right to vote because our right to vote is misused…
NOTA is Quit India Movement because we are requesting corrupt and criminal leaders to quit their leadership from this country.
One question is raised by the people that there is no benefit to vote for NOTA because very few people are choosing NOTA….But we should think that if one choose,then some another can choose also and then a lot of people can choose and then we can force such corrupt and criminal candidates to quit…..
One more question is raised that if candidates will be rejected and no one will get victory,then How the govt will be formed…It is right that if the Supreme Court would make the provision that there will be reelection and contesting candidates will be banned from election if 50 % or more than 50 % voters reject all candidates,then the Govt would not be formed if voters would do so…But in the subsequent or next election all parties would be forced to stand good candidates in the election and now people would not vote for NOTA and a good Government would be formed..

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