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Referendum should be made mandatory for some decision

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Referendum should be made mandatory for some decision like partition of state,imposition of Armed Forces(Special Powers) Act,1958 etc.Whether a state should be divided into two or not,whether Armed Forces(Special Powers) Act,1958 should be imposed in a particular state or not, must be done on the basis of the opinion reflected by majority of the people of that state.It’s democracy and few people(our parliamentarians) should never have the power to take decision on such issues where there is the agitation by many people against that decision.Partition of state,imposition of Armed Forces(Special Powers) Act,1958 etc is amongst such issues.Under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian constitution,right to freedom of referendum in certain cases should be made fundamental right by including it under right to freedom of expression and accordingly a new article namely 326A should be inserted for giving people right to vote for referendum in certain cases.

There must be referendum for AFSPA because some people may be extremist,but due to some people,all people can’t be subjected to brutal treatment done by armed forces.Referendum should be done only through affected person because other person may not be able to understand the actual problem.Other people will support AFSPA because they are not subjected to brutal act done by the armed forces.


I thank Mr.Arshad Sulahri Ji,the founder of AAM AADMI PARTY-PAKISTAN for making me one of the admin of his facebook page-We Are Neighbors,Not Enemies.
In fact,the mentality settled in the mind of most of the people of India regarding the people of Pakistan is the mentality of enemity and vice versa.
What steps should be taken by Govt to change this mentality into a mentality of neighborhood is the matter of concern.
I suggest Indian Govt to make a talk to the military and its chief of the Pakistan and also to the ISI Chief of the Pakistan.
Govt of Pakistan always appears to be a puppet in front of its Military and ISI and Military and ISI is out of control of the Pak Govt ,as i think.
I do believe that Pak Govt is not involved in any terrorist Activity and the violation of Cease Fire done by the Pak Military,ISI etc .But such works are done independently by the Pak Military,ISI etc.
So,it is better for Indian Govt to talk to the Pak Military and ISI Chief.
There is one more method that can change this relationship into neighborhood is that there is need to concentrate the people of both Country on its actual internal problem rather being involved in the feeling of communalism.For the creation of such atmosphere,there is need of creation of a new sorts of politics in both of the country and i hope that AAM AADMI PARTY-PAKISTAN under the leadership of Mr. Arshad Sulahri Ji shall concentrate itself at the best potency to the problem of the common people of the Pakistan and also make an experimental and a new way of the politics as per the circumstances that the people will only concentrate themself for the problem and its situation.There will be such atmosphere where the feeling of communalism will have no existence and in such atmosphere,the wave of neighborhood will automatically spread.Same politics is required in India.
If the people of Pak will concentrate themself on the actual internal problem,then the Govt will be so strong that the military,ISI or any agency will never dare to go beyond the desire of the Govt and in such circumstances,the both country will really be a friend.

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