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SDO is harassing me by not supplying me a copy of complaints(documents) which are so called filed before him and he has ordered to lodge FIR against me.Firstly,this is said to file petition directly in his office to get true copy of complaint.Complaint is not supplied under RTI Act,2005.So again,i sent him RTI application to supply me complaint.Now he has said to submit Rs 12 to get complaints of 6 pages-Rs 6 x 2 because i said him that the complaint can be supplied under section 2(F) and section 7(1) of RTI Act also..But by two previous RTI applications,i have already submitted Rs 20 in advance by submitting Rs 10 advance in both application,which is more than Rs 12.Twice SDO has not supplied documents by making an excuse and now when i will send him Rs 12 then he will make some different excuse.
He is involved to protect principal so he is not supplying documents.
This time,i have reached to my village after 12 exam for a long vacation and i have no postal order here and postal order is not available in any Post Office of Samastipur District as i am informed by staffs of post office and i have kept postal order already in Darbhanga but Darbhanga is 85 KM away from my house.I have already sent advance fee of Rs 20 by postal order but now again this is said to submit fee of Rs 12.How i will submit fee due to unavailability of postal order?
Anyhow,SDO wants to protect principal and doesn’t want to supply documents so they are making excuse and excuse.
By the statement of SDO,this is clear that no complaint of Sept 2011 was filed before him because he himself said that complaint was filed on Sept 2012,not 2011.But forge complaint of 2011 is presented before Human Rights Commission,which is so called filed to the SDO.So,if there will be differences between the statements of complaints of 2011 and 2012,this means the complaints are fabricated because matter is same,but facts are presented different and contradictory in both complaints of same matter and even filed before a same officer.


1.Contempt Notice sent to Justice SN Jha arising question against his decision how he closed my case without investigation,following any judicial proceedings etc,he didn’t reply.This proves,he did wrong.
2.Contempt Notice sent to SDO arising question against his decision how he received complaint after 18 months and even when case of same matter was already going on in Human Rights Commission,he didn’t reply.This proves,he did such to protect principal.
3.Contempt Notice sent to AK Tiwari,AC,NVS,Patna arising question against his enquiry report how he submitted his enquiry report without enquiring me,he didn’t reply.This proves,he didn’t enquire me to protect principal.
4.Grievance Officer of DM office has not replied my RTI applications sent twice to supply the complaint filed against me before DM,report of principal submitted before DM in regard to this complaint,written proof of action taken by DM etc.This proves,principal has manufactured those forge papers or he has managed to grievance officers or others to manufacture forge papers so no response is made.

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