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The Child Of Corruption

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It must be cleared now that only every child is the child of god Because the child is the father of the man. But after childhood, maximum people don’t remain the child of god. Maximum children remain the child of corruption. I think , we must include the god of corruption in our mythology. The child of corruption or the child of ‘’The Corrupt –God’’ will be categorised under this and must be excluded from the child of god. God is parents. There will be one child but parents will be changed. I want to say that we have no any right now to be the child of god, if we are corrupt. We must create a new god for this. Then we will be ashamed by changing our parents. Can we change our parents? We can’t change our parents but we are changing our god. God is the supreme parents but we are changing. What is our love to god? What is our love to parents? Why we are becoming the child of corruption.
God lives in our every work. We work corruptly so god must live in our work but not almighty god ,there will be the Corrupt-God.
Actually ,I have become frustrated out of my capacity, so I am talking in this manner.
When I had to far away from that one of the most corrupt school of this country due to the individual problem created by the corrupt activity of one of the most corrupt principal of this country ,then the sense of god arised in the feeling of him and was saying that he has never said me anything about that objection. But he has imposed three dangerous conditions of living in school without saying anything. The sense of god of principal finished within few hours and trapped me on that objection on 14 Sept 2011.Before my absconding to Delhi, the sense of god of principal had been finished because he imposed dangerous condition of living but I said him to justify all objections but he didn’t because he wanted suffocated situation for me so that I could be bound to take TC. Why we are assaulting the self-respect of god? By doing so, we are assaulting the self-respect of ourself also because by doing so,we can’t get self-satisfaction.If we can’t get self-satisfaction,we can’t get self-respect.
Just see the sense of The Corrupt-God within this child of this god. I said principal to called his mother also for justification before my absconding .But he didn’t. I informed him about such other condition of sleeping which was without reason. But he didn’t considered. Without considering this, he trapped me only by creating consiparcy and presenting my sleeping in very exaggerated form that I was regular practised to sleep with him but no objection was obviosed on that way. But he expelled me.
It is right,I slept. But circumstantially on 31 Dec 2010,8 Feb 2011 and 7 March 2011.On 31 Dec, due to the fear of unavoidable reason self-created by the three boys of my house, I slept by the acceptance of his one senior who complaint . On 8 Feb, those boys who tortured a lot, tortured him as well as myself From 9 P:M to 12 midnight. My heart beat became so fast and I became depressed. Since last one months, I was depressed because due to his psychology, he didn’t want to live with me. So after this torturing, it might be right. So I became so nervous. Due to these two reasons, I slept by the permission of his one senior. On 7 March,those boys was awaking till 1:30 P:M and creating planning.So I was confused whether they would harass him at night.I was also nervous by this thing whether I would be permitted to talk with him or not.So I slept on that condition also when those boys complaint about sleeping ,but by the permission of his one senior who was not involved in plannation.

If due to love with air,i can adjust myself with warmness and coldness without facing any problems and if due to love with all aspects of nature,i can get rid off from many psychological problems,then why i can’t get rid off from tension on that condition when only he was  my friend and problem was created related to him and due to him.This is contact-realisation,not contact-interest.

 Principal is a PGT,Biology so he must be sympathetic understanding in this manner. But Principal is a PGT,’’Corruptionology’’ so he haven’t.
Principal knew that he was wrong. So he referred to the written complain of his mother in front of Hindustan.
Principal is a child of corruption-The Corrupt God. But that god will not forgive him also because that god can forgive only to the level of his deed. That god can’t forgive when wrong work is done by a person, but that person referred to other for his protection.
This child of corruption would torture me if I would live in school instead of going to Delhi. Because this child had say that he would observe my depression for a week then expelled. This child can have the time to observe my depression for my expulsion but can’t have the time to justify all objections for my living. Yes, this child can have the power to justify wrongly for my expulsion.
This child wants to work only for corruption.0n 8 March 2011 also , I have informed about such other friendship .I informed about organisational form of torturing,but child of corruption see work and ideology against corruption only.
In my blog titled-Corruption V/S Sub-separation Of Power which is available on my another , I have said about the separation of power-legislative, executive and judiciary on the basic of organisational, department and ministry level , besides governmental level. Political Parties can be included also. We have only separation of power to the governmental level. It’s our child level understanding to our democracy because in the era of French Revolution, the concept of separation of power was presented by a philosopher ,it was right according to that time because after monarchy ,we needed a democracy. But now, we have travelled long to democracy and we need modified democracy.This will be democracy in real.For this,there must be an Indian Revolution. After this, there will be no place for The Corrupt-God.

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