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Still in our country , we have discriminated thinking between black and white. Due to this discriminated thinking between black & white also, i have to face so many problems. In Indian pretext, we discriminate also on the basic of colour. We know, nature has made every people equal. This is the gift of nature, nature has created diversity among the people. We know that due to biodiversity, nature is balanced. We must know also that nature has created diversity among people on the basic of natural aspects for creating balance between people. Just imagine that if there would be only white or only black or only coloured people. What would be the interaction among the people.?We couldn’t be fit for survival. We forgot to love and respect each-other. There would be the emotional monotomy. So we wouldn’t try to interact with each other properly. This would be the psychological effect. But we never tried to understand the proficiency of nature, efficiency of nature. We never tried to understanding the social structure of human beings in natural pretext. Nature has did so but due to our ignorance, we started to discriminate on the basic of family and relatives, caste and creet , colour and custom, region and religion etc, etc. This was the matter of ancient time when our ancestors were ignorant. Are we still ignorant? So, we can understand that nature has created diversity among the people to make balance among the people. Nature has created black, white and coloured people for learning us to loving each-other and paying respect to each-other.Nature has created black,white and coloured to protect ourself from emotional monotomy so that we can interact with each-other properly. Like as biodiversity, human diversity can play a vital role in the all round development of human beings. If nature has made human beings different from all other organism ,then nature has provided such sorts of thing also which can help human beings to be adjustable with each-other in the natural pretext. Providing varied colour of people is one example of this thing.
Everything in the universe and in our mind is happening within black.We think something,we realise something but it appears within black.This black is the origin of humanitarian development because everything appears within black.Before universe,there was black.After universe,there will be black.So black is the accompany of time.Black is so powerful.This is the understanding of black by the natural point of view.So by the liberal point of view,black and white,all are equal.
I am saying this thing also in the pretext of attraction towards white,besides discrimination created for black.In the Indian background,of course,Sanjeev is white face with sound bodily structure but this was not the matter of consideration for me.Because my thinking in natural view has learnt me to behave naturally.If I wouldn’t behave naturally then I can’t think in such manner.Because thinking need an emotion and emotion need a behaviour.
So,we must try to understand the emotional structure of human beings.Each and every human being has different emotional structure.We utilize our mind so less by going traditionally so we have traditional emotional. But we can create a new emotion and thinking for ourself.This will be more beneficial. I am doing so.But we utilize our mind so less and go traditionally so we create barrier for a person who works differently.

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