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Dignity of House stoops down

Posted On: 6 Dec, 2010 Others में

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Even as the winter session of the Parliament is coming closer to end, the House seems to have not debated on important issues. A chunk of public money is splurged on running of the Parliament but it has contributed valueless. The ruling party and the Opposition are simply passing the buck over the present impasse in Parliament. The standard of Indian politics and the morality of holier-than-thou leaders, cutting across party lines, appear to have touched nadir.
For a couple of weeks, the House remains paralysed though, the ruling dispensation does not feel pinch. It is obvious that Parliament is run by both the ruling and the Opposition, but the UPA-led government is responsible for the present stalemate in the House. The government is obdurate on its stance of not allowing JPC probe into the 2G spectrum scam. When the Manmohan Singh government is reluctant for clearance to JPC probe, the Opposition hamstrings the proceedings in the House. But it seems inexplicable that the Opposition, on one hand, holds the Parliament hostage, while on the other they give the ruling government chance to complete necessary parliamentary affairs. This sums up wrong precedence to let two different sides take place in Parliament. Similarly on the occasion during the session the ruling government got financial bill passed without proper debates cites mockery of democracy. Surprisingly, most of the bills were either tabled or passed to the Upper House, while some of the bills were passed without any discussion. The government must know this is not an accepted method of parliamentary proceedings and it could prove fatal to the democratic system in India.
The role of Opposition seems to be fishy and nonpolitical. If they deem the 2G spectrum controversy such a big issue and JPC probe could not be done away despite the Parliament being in logjam, why have the Opposition given the government breather? It is just a Opposition’s political grandstanding. The Opposition should not be relent, if they mull that the Manmohan Singh government is squarely responsible for the 2G spectrum-gate. They ought to debate the issue in the Parliament, expose the government to its failings and ensure that the stance on investigations in severe scams is not compromised. India Parliament is a classic example of democracy that chisels the destiny of the country in consonance with voices of people of India through their representatives. But recent uproar and loggerhead situation created by the ruling and Opposition has brought the House to a grinding halt for mere mudslinging and blowing trumpet of its righteousness and this is tantamount to sheer degradation in political system which must end in no time.

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