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Conflict Management

Posted On: 18 Oct, 2019 Common Man Issues में

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Client Relationships should have conflicts that lead to looking beyond and listening beyond what is being told
Quiet often arguments are taken as complaints and sound very illogical on the face of it. Many factors that influence an argument are your presuppositions, assumptions, attitude or ego.


An argument leading to the agreement is always a give and take teamwork. You might give into an argument because you are convinced or you respect the relationship with your client.


The same is expected from the other party, they too need to respect the argument sometimes if maintaining the relationship is important to them. You do not question the trust there.


If you look through trust and respect, you will allow the other to take a chance. By doing so you get respect in abundance. If you treated it as an obligation just to come to an agreement with the person and also made him believe that you hardly care.


The argument will remain an argument and gap in communication will increase. You lose a very important client and break relationships too.


So next time when you sit across to do any deal, the discussion could go to the next level of arguments and leads to clash in egos.


This typically happens because we as human beings do love being respected and if not reciprocated well then it is more of conditional based respect. So try to look beyond conflict or argument to see what is being told, listen properly with building a relation, not for one time deal where you are looking to only WIN.


So figure out right at the beginning of conflicts and arguments, what is important a long-lasting relation or winning a deal for one time and then you never cross paths again.


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