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Corona days - helping cancer patients

Posted On: 3 May, 2020 Common Man Issues में

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There are some small and medium level Ayurveda centers involved in producing Ayurveda medicines and prescribing to patients. One such organization I am aware is Divyajyot Ayurveda Research Foundation located at Ahmadabad.
This center got closed due to general lock-down. As a result they are not able to dispense medicines. A senior citizen, retired as an HAG grade officer from IDAS, now 70 years old was under treatment of prostate cancer for last four months.
He is running short of medicines. Something may be done to resume supply of medicines. This organisation is doing good in treatment of cancer. Please help by taking up the issue if it can be allowed as a special case for the limited purpose of dispensing medicines subject to compliance of physical distancing guidelines.
Note: These are the personal views of the author and he himself is responsible for this.

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