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Student's Life

Posted On: 31 Jan, 2019 Common Man Issues में

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Almost every individual has uninterruptly enjoyed this duration of life which everyone claims to be extravagantly beautiful and peaceful also popular as Golden Era Of Life.

Parents also chatter the same lines and words as others and never understand the situation which their heir is dealing with.

This golden era is the students’s life and interestingly it is universally accepted myth because wherever you’ll go, even the illiterate one will also claim the student’s life to be interesting and most easiest part of life, does’nt matter the man claiming this has experienced it or not.

Maximum students in this 21st century are annoyed with this fake belief because they can’t seek happiness, peace, blossom and not even freedom in this so called golden era.

Why? Are the students suffering from any chromosomal defect which makes them observe everything just opposite of what reality is? Are they being sent to jails for study where they don’t have freedom?

No, these are not the issues and objectified reasons under which students are getting irritated and frustrated at such an extent that they are performing stunts with their life like bungee jump from top floor of building and neck trap with the ropes etc. and we cover the murder of students with the blanket of suicide.

The Marketised System of Education, Examination Policies, Reservation System and Coaching Institutions are limiting the thoughts and innovative mentality of students into a certain perimeter.

These evolving education system and its strategic utilisation for business is linked with the politicians in favour of destructive policies to destroy the equilbrium and using the disbalances as a tool to make money.

Student’s courage preparing for IIT, NEET and Civil Services are first crushed by institutions by saying that these exams are only for bright students and then they raise their hand for support stating that we’ll make the students brilliant enough to reach the heights.

The high cost of institutions makes the students puppets of the institutions and they unwillingly have to follow their instructions and students get confused with the improper and exaggerated teaching style and finally get depressed.

This depression also occurs because of the huge money spent on them.Such feelings transform a young, bold and brilliant student into an wound which heals only after death.

If these traps which parents and people are not getting aware of are not crushed then a huge mass of youngsters will be crushed crushing the overall development of country.

Therefore, dear parents and grandparents who enjoyed student’s life in 20s, please observe the present situation and then decide whether the student’s life in this era is golden or not?

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