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उड़ान – एक परवाजउड़ान .. अपरिभाषित विचारों की...!!


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enjoy os software get free from pirated and costlier s/f
enjoy os software get free from pirated and costlier s/f

Software is a word to which everyone who uses computer whether very often or uses it regularly; knows about it very well, that, it is something which helps computer to run those activities for which human have invented it and off course have purchased it as well.

In short they help us to

  • play music,
  • play games,
  • to search information
  • getting update news &
  • exchanging emotions and information through emails and other technologies
Linux, PhP, MySQL, Open Office, are OSS initiative associatiate company
Linux, PhP, MySQL, Open Office, are OSS initiative associatiate company

Well above described application of software is the description of uses which generally occurs with home user or non-professional user.

If we talk in view point of a business group or various officials they (software) automate many daily business processes like:

  • maintaining accounts of any organization irrespective of its size,
  • decision making and other various management related process.
  • preparing salary receipt for employees
  • payment receipt for customers,
  • preparation of various document like Applications, various certificates.
  • Predict weather about any particular day &
  • Research & Development of various new technology related diverse field of defense or security, medicines, machine etc.

Now let s talk about how we Get these software.

I would like to classified it in two categories, that is in Two Sources from and their analysis

Basis of point

Source 1

(proprietary s/f)

Source 2

(pirated s/f)

From where we get Microsoft, Apple, Mac Friends or Local vendor
What we give them Paying heavy Cost Pay nominal or no cost
What we receive Satisfaction & reliability Unreiable and unsecure, &

Oftenly make us accused of software counterfeiting.

Now I want to ask a single Question, “Should we purchase these heavy cost s/w or should become accused of software counterfeiting?”

Most of users including me will yell in NO-NO to the condition specified above.

Anyway, what to do now, if go for local vendor who generally gives us pirated softwares then it is definitely we will become accused of Software Counterfeiting and if go for authorized software or original then we have to pay heavy Cost in order to use them. That may be range from USD 110 or (110*current rate for one US dollar) to 300 USD.

From this point, a new concept for, distributing original software without any threat, has emerged that is “Open Source Software” or simply OSS.

It is an initiative which was started as Free software foundation in 1983 by Sir Richard Stallman.

The aim of this initiative is to provide all necessary software on the cost of

  • Better Quality
  • Higher Suitability
  • More flexibility
  • Efficient ness
  • Secure software
  • Without paying much money

On just fulfilling their straight policies

Well..! Why these softwares are so cheap or available free of cost?

Very good Question… because companies have to perform many managerial high cost consuming task, like:

  • Staffing
  • Planning
  • Directing or direction
  • Controlling &
  • Marketing etc.

to make targeted group of customers to purchase their software. That is why, they are costly.

And similarly these tasks are also required here and are also performed as well. But the business model (or strategy used ) is different and there main concern is towards quality and qualitative things that attracts its customer itself.

Their Policies, which one have to follow in case whether developer of software or a simple user:-

– Free distribution of same software among your peers and relatives.
– distribution of source code of s/w if developed by you.
– integrity of the authors code
– No discrimination against users.
– it must not restrict to accessing other software.

What kind of Software we get or they developed :-

Their product range is very large. It include following softwares,

  • Windows Operating Systems.
  • Music Players.
  • Web browsers.
  • Web servers
  • Compilers such as c/c++/ and jdk as well.
OSS_a new wAy out microsoft
OSS_a new wAy out of microsoft


Know more about OpenSource software.

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Open Office official website

Get fully new ubuntu another window operating system

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