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story of weathery friend

Posted On: 6 May, 2010 Others में

उड़ान – एक परवाजउड़ान .. अपरिभाषित विचारों की...!!


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a Weathery friend.’

it is not a story about a friend… it is something about human behavior, that is frequently changes with every tickling seconds, very few persons are exception of

this otherwise it generally happens, and many of us have became habitual, that it happens or more formarily “chalta hai yaar…”

But so what, one who used to say to one another person, (seriously) you are my good friend not for a single instance but after each instance where other one has done job of his part(i mean help of one ) . but at one instance the other one who cannot able to help to one or more.. who dont think to do for that time than the other one person, becomes badest person of ever at once…. why!!
And you start to be indifferent at times,when ever you see the other one kind friend or your so called best friend.

Well I want to know- ask, to one kind of people is it your friendship, huh?

If you say Yeah… than thanks a lot for being indifferent for me.. other one type of people still have chance to do the same (moving towards their destination) more
happily without the accompany of selfish people or still follow an old adage “neki kar dariya me daal.”

Anyway for me friendship is something- where one adopts another one without regarding his negatives or positive traits and try to keep such relationship as long as

But try to solve many ‘cold war’ like conditions that arises for many following issues, for instance:-

-> one friend does not call/sms/email frequently.

-> one who just want speak only and do not want to listen to another one, means who neglect to respect another one’s thought or point he want to make on some


Well these are the situation which we can solve by just mere discussion.. or by querrling to another in order to make your points. I think latter solution generally

suitable for those who are some old fast friends and have some disrupts due to some misunderstanding and former solution is for those where both of friend are mature

and understand each other pros and cons.

But if any of one, does not fits in above situation then it is better to leave one on its own better self, because there is high probability the one doesn’t understand

the value of other one, cannot do any kinda respect of thoughts or thinking. there is high probability he/she is feeling highly uncomfortable in your company and s/he

want to dominate over you; or there may be highly chances of that the one does not feel happy in your happiness or in short have jealous of your success.

I think such friend are knowns as ‘Weathery friend.’

Anyway such persons are not tolerable by me and i m sure anyone of this including themselves too, would not like this one kinda people… beware of these like as well

as bad dogs!!!!!

Thanks very much for bearing my words 🙂

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