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Wait and Wait_Reliance NetConnect

Posted On: 31 Mar, 2010 Others में

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Wait and Wait for the web to load on your computer- Reliance NetConnect

Hello everyone!

I m the user of Reliance netconnect since 7 and the half month & 7lives in Bareilly, uttar pradesh,

I have purchased this product because BSNL plans are very costly that are of my need and what i doesn’t need were useless for me,. However, I have used BSNL for one and more years, and i m highly satisfied with their service and speed. But for the time i required Unlimited plan and mobility  as well.

It is damn slow, sales person at Web world will show you this product like that he is going to open a magic box in which you will find high speed Internet service. They will not give you any demo of this may be they know what damn bad product they are selling.

Anyway when I started to use this i felt cheated i went back to them and they handed over a speed booster software. It is also not of use doesnot help any more.

Once again, I went back to them to know the hidden reason behind such damn great bad speed. they told that company has not been using high performance signal tower(actually i could not recall what technical term they told to me about their tower) in bareilly right now, but in forth coming future they wil soon installed such tower and you will recieve speed equal 256kbps.

Now I have got the point that i have become fooled by them on the behalf of my necessity.

now lets talk about speed, it got connect to server within few second(<20 seconds) but the time it took to open a web-site is around .30 to 3 (or can’t say) minutes. In case of lighter site likeha google it will load it completely in less than 30 seconds and site like orkut, facebook, ibibo, wikipedia, wikimapia, The God could help to you only . in between you want to search any item, it will return this within a minutes that we generally receive back within seconds @broadband.

And they claim that it is good to surf you email id or like is damn big Lie they speak among many. connection from server got disconnected as and when and usb become dormant without any notice in turn it also take time to come in active state

Now billing they post your bill via some courier service just few days before the due date..

In short other gprs solution to connect for internet is better than this, they provide you communication with others and as well as connectivity with internet at appropriate cost.( as i have not use any of them but i consider they are taking what they deserve unlike reliance)
so friend, now-a-days i m planning to switch back on BSNL  on the cost of High billing that is main problem with BSNL service.f

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