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whether responsibility taken to save earth...?

Posted On: 5 Jun, 2010 Others में

उड़ान – एक परवाजउड़ान .. अपरिभाषित विचारों की...!!


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So it was Environment day, well day is still have to be finished… but my hands got itchy to write two words over it.

Firstly a definition in my opinion- it is a day to get together to summaries or review the work done by society in order to maintain eco-system of the planet earth.

well wait-wait… I know you have already read many opinions, suggestions and criticism about various authorities/societies in India, of various people/bloggers on the occasion of Environment Day- that is, what we should do/our responsibilities or what it has to be do or what not/mistakes… and a lot of combination of these.

Today, as celebrating earth hour, I did not do anything special which can contribute to improve environment. Because, we daily celebrate earth hour not for a single hour but many times each days, with the help of Electricity Department. Similarly, we celebrate environment day each by giving water to our plants and do not use my patrol vehicle unless it is damn required, and prefer to go on foot wherever it is possible else use Public Transport.

Fortunately we have our electronic systems which do not hog upon electricity and we are such tolerable that we do not required and Air Conditioner or more formerly (A.C.). And I guess what else has left now, that i don’t do which can contribute to maintain our environment.

One more thing I don’t receives much spam which also contributes to raise Carbon-di-oxide rate by getting delete every time by a user.

And I think about to use Solar energy or green technology whenever I would get start to earn money by my profession.

Well let’s talk about what others are doing to save environment:-

-> Google Inc(i assume you already know about google search engine) use Solar energy to for its power requirement and it is not today’s news they are continue to use such energy 2 years back(at one of its usa office).

-> Patni softwares in India have its excellent building; which not only make use of green energy also stores rain water (at noida office).

-> Today, Times Of India, published its news paprer with recylable newsprint technology, according to them it costs slightly much than generally but for sake of environment they are ready to do that.

-> and many others example are also playing their role to save earth environment, which I unfortunately could not have noticed, to represent here.

okays, at least some people have got prepared to save environment; save earth and now it s our turn to do something noticable besides writing or expressing thoughts to make our planet greener, once again.

Thank you for showing your valuable concern to protect earth from hazards things!

-with regards,

Nikhil Singh

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