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My Introduction Friends!!

Posted On: 23 Nov, 2010 Others में

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वाहिद काशीवासी

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Hi, this is Sandeip ‘वाहिद’ from Varanasi, India. I created this group to discuss on heritage and culture and to other things related to these particular topics. Remember, heritage includes broader horizons and wider aspects in reality than we think of it in general. India as being brought to the world by biased conscience of the western historians, is still known widely as the country of poor people, Sadhus, Saris and Snake Charmers while many of the people know it for Classical Music, Yoga, Kamsutra and Hashish. Well, to be honest I hardly believe in these things which are absurd as being over-imposed. For me India is something which can’t be explained in words though i make a useless effort to depict its greatness, India has a much much more greater and wider aspects than the aforesaid things in this post. It is a phenomenon alive for thousands and thousands of years and to know it and believe it one has to live it really. The richness, uniqueness and unparalleled aura of India has created a peerless entity. The motto of this Forum is  to showcase the richness and versatility of the Indian culture and heritage and present a thorough yet lucid picture of India which is as sharp and clear as a crystal. I hope and wish that all the Indians and India lovers will support me in accomplishing my mission which is to spread the Indianness, revitalize the lost glory and to establish it to its rightful place in this universe which it really deserves. With Warm Regards,


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