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Keeping secret is not a women thing!!

Posted On: 28 Jan, 2012 Others में

जिएं तो जिएं ऐसेरफ्तार के साथ तालमेल बिठाती जिंदगी में चाहिए ऐसे जीना जो बनाए आपको सबकी आंखों का नूर

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women talking“Women can’t keep secrets” A well known phrase that we all know.  As this is obvious women doesn’t like to be called as a snitch, they states this saying as a rude and false one. But unfortunately the new study conducted by Wines of Chile, has given a base to this statement very well and proven that women actually can`t keep secrets. Whether of their own or anyone else, they just want to throw away that burden as soon as possible from their selves.

In this London based study 3000 women, of about 18-65 age group, were taken as a volunteer and asked some questions about their capability and capacity to keep secrets. 4 out of 10 women confessed that they can’t keep secrets in their mind, without considering whether they are personal or can be embarrassing for them, they just want to tell those secrets to their trustworthy buddies.

83 percent of women believed that they are completely trustworthy and can never break their friend`s trust on them. On the other hand 3 of 4 claimed to be an honest and loyal person to their friends, husband and mother, who can digest all the secrets of them.

About 45 percent of the volunteer taken said that because of the burden they were feeling, they have revealed the stuff of someone that should better be kept secret. While some blamed alcohol for their irresponsible behaviour.

The report regarding this study was published in daily mail quoting Dr. Micheal Cox saying that women are very bad in keeping secrets. They want to reveal it within 47 hours. Not only this, he also mentioned that an average woman can listen 3 precious gossips a week. It can be about affairs, sex, purchasing something, expenses, etc.

women on phoneWell, this was about British women, but if we want to know about our Indian ladies the same results can be enforced on their nature too. We can see women gossiping and snitching about others. If they know something about their friend they want to disclose it to other friend in order to get rid of the burden of this secret.  This is the reason why no one relies on the words given by a women that I will keep this to mine only, I swear will never tell it to anyone, etc.

If something has revealed, no one knows by whom, women are the main suspect for the victim.  This is just because women really can’t keep secrets. But why this is so, well no one of us knows the answer. May be the reason behind this is the habit of talking more or unable to understand the value of the secret and it’s after affect.

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