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It is very dangerous.

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I was returning from Asmara to Mumbai via Cairo through Egyptair. First I started my journey from Asmara to Cairo. After a transit break of more than 10 hours I have to fly again to Mumbai through the same airways. When I returned to airport after transit, I faced three times intensive scans and security checks. Simply, I, along with other passengers, cooperated in the security checks and scans. Even we have put off our shoes during several checks. When I came inside the airport and was going to the gate, I saw that there was a smoking room. I was not surprised because it was normal and nothing was new. I am also a smoker so I went inside the smoking room. I have no lighter or match box because I have already thrown my lighter to obey the security rules. The people in the smoking room were smoking there, Again there was nothing new and surprising. But it was very hurting that most of the smokers had their own lighter to light their cigarette(s). Another thing was surprising that airport had not provided any alternative facility to light the cigarette. The people were not hiding their lighters and were using those freely. Did the security personals not know or they were ignoring security bylaws knowingly and intentionally. I borrowed lighter from a passenger, after lighting my cigarette, it was returned to its owner. I was thinking that after three continuous intensive and sincere scans and security checks, if the lighters were there inside the airport, why and how were the security personals performing their duties. Was it because of any manual and mechanical error or the things were ignored knowingly. If this is the outcome of sincere (so called) scans and security checks, what is the need of such actions. Certainly the lighters were going to remain with the passengers during the flights. This is again a big question and highly objectionable. As per my view it was very serious mistake of Cairo airport authorities. If the lighter is there in the flight it may be very dangerous not only for the life of the passengers and so many other serious and unwanted possibilities.

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