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I am a Hindu and I am not Communal

Posted On: 6 Apr, 2014 Politics में

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The 2014 election campaign has started with development and corruption as agenda, but as the election fever intensify the heat is shifted to religious politics. And now when we are really very near to elections we are receiving open fights between different political parties on religious grounds.
Main opposition party BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is continuously being dragged into 2002 Gujarat riots and other political parties are haunting the ghost of the past after twelve years of that inhuman incident. Whereas BJP is known as a Hindu supportive party but the party claim themselves as secular. Other parties always accused BJP’s alleged links with swayam sewak sangh and other Hindu groups.
On the other hand, the present ruling party congress is showing its cards and being in a compromising position they are meeting directly with Islamic group leaders and generating support from the muslim group in our country. With the party leader being a Christian they are also maximising their Christian vote share.
The third party which just emerges out to be called as the third front runner for the 2014 election is Aam Admi Party and they claim themselves to be secular and accusing others of being corrupt, as well as communal and are itself looking forward to garner Muslim votes in most of the regions. Giving some special preferences to a particular group of people is itself is an act of communalism.
Other regional parties are also threatening the nation on account of repetition of 2002 massacre and attacking directly the present opposition party and leaders on the communal front. Whereas they themselves are joining hands with regional communal groups in a bid to fetch support for general election 2014.
The situation deepens so much that now every other religion is secular whereas if someone said he is a Hindu, the other took no time in derogating him with communalism, and if someone says he is supporting Narendra Modi, then there is no chance of avoiding the secular tag. This election already shifted its gear from development issue to communal platform and its the media which is promoting this act of communal politics through its regular debate sessions and their ideological differences.

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