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166 people on board with 160 passengers and 6 crew members went in the mouth of lethal death..


According to Indian timings it was about 1:15 a.m when Air India IX-812 with about 160 passengers and 6 crew members took off for reaching India at Mangalore , the Bajpe Airport which was expected to land at 6:15 a.m as according to Indian timings..

On reaching Mangalore, Pilot from Serbia Mr. Glushikha and co-pilot Mr.H.S Ahluwalia asked the passengers to tighten their seat belts and informed them that in few minutes they are going to land at Bajpe Airport.But at 6:05 a.m the plane crashes and takes with itself 153 members. Fire

 get drizzled and a piece of the plane gets detached and thus ending the lives of passengers, shattering the lives of their family members.


The well experienced pilot Mr.Glueshika due to some reasons overshoot the runway by about 2000 metres.Other factors like visibility which was 6 km at the time of landing, the runway was dry with length of almost 8000 km are not held responsible for the worst disaster of the year 2010.This runway has witnessed many successful landings from 2006 but a black spot gets embarked on it today..


May their eternal soul rest in peace!!

May that the mistake is not repeated again..

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