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3 Idiots is probably the best bollywood movie in recent times

Posted On: 28 Dec, 2009 Others में

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As always Amir Khan has done it again. Like his other previous movies Amir khan’s new movie 3 Idiots also throws light on one of the social issues. It indirectly questions the education system in India and also the mindset of parents where parents force their child to pursue a career of their choice and not their child’s.

The movie is a silent comment on these issues with lots of comedy, drama and emotions in it. The movie at no point fails to impress the audience. The audience remained glued to the seats like a magnet to iron in the show where I went. Releasing on Christmas weekend, it was almost hard to find an empty seat in any of the multiplexes through out the city.

The movie probably also broke the record of highest opening weekend collections leaving behind the preivous record holder ‘Ghajini’. The movie has almost cracked the box office and also the critics reviews, now we just need to see how it does at the awards?


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