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Posted On: 25 Mar, 2011 Others में

panchakarmaआयुर्वेद एवम पंचकर्म और इसके गुण, लाभ एवम उपलभ्दी Ayurveda and Panchakarma - its benefits and utility


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Panchakarma is how you find a state of bliss
It all began for us almost 1 year ago… Meena and I went for a couple of sessions of Panchakarma in Arya Samaj Moti Nagar New delhi-110015 with our friends, Jagmohan and Bladev. Little did we know that that week would change our lives forever.
During the treatment there were many unknown and new therapies for us. We confronted our fears and went forward to face the unknown. During which a wonderful transformation did take place. My skin got softer, eyes brighter, and the body felt lighter and more energetic, from all the delicious foods, and treatments.
The shocking part for me was afterwards when meeting up with friends they asked “what happened to you”? “you look younger, you are glowing, and your eyes are super white and bright”. So after hearing that from a number of people it was a solid confirmation that my initial feelings of “I need to learn how to do Ayurveda” that I had during the treatment was a must for me.
Within two weeks we were in AryaSamaj Moti Nagar New Delhi studying Ayurveda and learning how to be live in balance and be in harmony.

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