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Wake up O Inhabitants of this Earth Part I

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I wrote and had placed this Poem on Poetry Soup in 2009 in two parts
in order to create awareness towards the crime which we are doing with our Water, Air and Earth. How befitting is the current tragedy of Uttarakhanda responsible for our own bad planning and crimes with Nature.

I will place a translation of this Poem in Hindi soon.

Ravindra K Kapoor
Poem can also be seen on my Poetry soup following

Wake up O Inhabitants of this Earth Part I

Wake up O Inhabitants of this Earth

Wake up O, inhabitants of this earth
The darling children of Almighty God
You may be living in any region, country or state
In any land, Buildings, farm house or on a river bank
On hill tops, on plateaus, in plains or in deserts without rains
Or you may be living in the remains of a green valley
On in any of human’s most dear concrete jungle homes
Or may be in the icy Greenland
Wake up O, the inhabitants of this earth
O’ darling children of Almighty God
We are in the process of eliminating
Our four billion years old dwelling venue
In around four hundred years only
The Earth was built and filled by Nature
By the labor and patience of many million years
What great miracles we have done on Earth
In just four hundred years only
We have stolen the God given treasures of Earth
And have destroyed the most precious among the gems
Its peace, quietness and tranquility
Replaced by wars, explosions, noises, unrest and anxiety
And have damaged beyond immediate repairs
The priceless God given shield of Ozone
Which hangs much above the earth in the sky
And has protected us as a Savior like God
But destroyed by humans like
fools destroying its own Paradise
But what humans have done to our most beloved Earth
In the last one hundred years is the real threat
To all the darling children of Mother Nature
Dear to us as Air, Water and Earth
They are in the danger of global warming
Which is the result of the misuse of knowledge
And blindly exploiting the Air and Water and Earth
To meet our never ending needs, luxuries and whims
…to be concluded in part II


Kanpur India 9th December 2009
*Jheels ( A Hindi word means Lakes)
*A singing bird of India like Nightingale

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