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Future Of AK49

Posted On: 16 Apr, 2014 Others में

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If AK can survive 5-7 years with AAP in indian politics then definitely he will be a big force. Right now people are blinded with Modi wave..because they think that is the only alternative to Congress. But can anyone give guarantee that Modi led government will be corruption free, specially when there is a huge ego clash within the BJP since Modi overtook Advani, Joshi and other senior BJP leaders. Indians (like we always are) will come to know about this after a year or so once BJP comes to power and then we will be cribing about BJP. While i agree that AK is immature but what i like is that alteast he is trying. All the people who once loved him and now hate him forgets one thing that these kind of chnages does not happen overnight. Even if we take a look at our freedom struggle, people(Britishers) mocked Ghandi’s ways but it was his determination and perseverance that he did what seems to be impossible at that time. I don’t understand that many educated people base their reasonings on silly ground. They expect overnight changes in the system. It takes a collective effort and time to overcome challenges like corruption. I am 100% sure that all AK (AAP) haters will hide their tails between their legs and come back again praising AAP once they are over with their BJP-Congress affliction.

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