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Hasuri Oasanpur, turning the Dream of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s PURA

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In the recently released Clean India survey, Gonda district of UP was at the top of the table, but a good news came from Siddhartha Nagar, the backward district of the state. There is a village in this district which has become the country with the first geographic profile of the country.

About 80 km from the headquarters of Siddhartha Nagar, Hasudi village of Bhanvapur block has been the subject of discussion these days. The data of each house and its people in this village is available on the website. Not only this, the entire map of the village has been prepared separately. This village, with its Nepal border, has its own digit map and website. All information such as village pond, t

ransit land, agricultural land, canal, roads and cans can be obtained from just one click.
Now every family data is being phased out on this website, which will be available on one click. The special thing is that this village has got inspiration to do all this from the village of Pusari in Gujarat. However, now this village has more hi-tech than Punsari. The primary school of this village is also completely hi-tech. The tiles are on the floor and the toilets are also from the Weston style.
Actually Sarpanch Dilip Tripathi started the construction of smart villages with their own personal resources. Sarpanch Dilip had seen the documentary of Punsari-Banaskantha-Gujarat in the workshop held in Delhi on Panchayati Raj. Then he had decided


that when Punsari can become a smart village, why not Hasuri? Just started the effort. The village’s re-development plan was prepared. On the basis of this, today at 23 places CCTV cameras in the village, WiFi hotspot at seven places, speaker 23 for public addressing system. The feature of the public address system is that in the main village or anywhere else, you can communicate directly with the villagers through internet. Village Pradhan’s brother, Rohit Tripathi, whose work is being done for the development of the village, he says that the people of the village are being taken care of cleanliness with every kind of convenience.
He added, to provide clean and soft drinking water to people, the water tank is planned. After the water tank is loaded, RO plants and water cooling machines will be installed. The empty land has been left on both sides of the roads in the village, which is to be planted as soon as rain starts. Apart from this, the plan is to set up POS machines etc. to make the village cashless.
The use of polythene in the village has been fully banned. They are happy that the people of village panchayat are also taking part in these works and are also collaborating.
Dilip says that he wants to make the village self sufficient according to the vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam PURA (Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Area) now called RURBAN Mission, in which all the facilities of the city are in this village. Education, Health and Employment are provided to each individual of the village.
If the person is enthusiastic then his dream

s are definitely done. Generally, after winning elections, it is common for the leaders to take the initiative of common people, but in limited resources, Dilip Tripathi has given a hint to the village which has given ‘Mishal’ a lesson for other people’s representatives.


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