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Comprehensive Selection Criteria in Public Services : Need of the Hour: Date १३/०४/2013

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Leave the issue selection-criteria for the post of 72825 Trainee Teacher to a side, this recuitment process, since its coming into existance, was duly-declared to be governed by TET-merit.. And most of the aspects have alraedy been argued upon by and among most of the think-tanks existing on FB.

In the matter of fixing a fresh selection-criteria for a fresh Vacancy, a criteria, as narrow as Only-ACD based or only TET-based (except the case when it is organized fairly as a competive exam with prior and due intimation), should be replaced by a just and fair, comprehensive criteria.

In its support, I would like to refer that,

1. If ACD performance is everything for life-time, for diciding the merit of a candidate, then why the system of competitive exams is adopted and appreciated?

2. If the policy-makers find one-time performance so important and decissive for all time, then why a leader, who lackes in mandate (votes), is rejected by the voters and looses his Contituency or assembly seat once or many times, chooses to contest afresh in next election??

Because everyone, a leader as well as a candidate should be given further and fair opportunity to improve…
And I can not desist this fact from coming into remembrance that.. On one hand, people have just read the news of still-unproved irregularities in UPTET-2011, I can’t say these to be either right or wrong, in newspapers…. On the other hand, most of us have not only seen in newspapers, the regular news of heavy use of unfair means, well-performing nakal-mafia, organised nakal on huge-scale in Board/University exams with photographic evidences, but also witnessed these to happen live.!!


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