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The Side-effects of Food Security Bill ...

Posted On: 5 Sep, 2013 Others में

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The implementation of food security bill in Delhi is in full swing, without analysing the ground facts. Delhi govt. is going for automation of Fair Price Shops through a PoS device which will authenticate the beneficiaries biometric details through Adhaar. That means, if somebody dosen’t have his aadhar no. he/she is not eligible for food grains. Secondly, one person in a family can get only 5 kgs of food grain per month i.e. if there are 4 members in a family then that family can get 20 kgs of food grains only when all members are authenticated by the aadhar server biometrically and if a ration card has only one member then he will get only 5 kg of food grain. Earlier, it was around 30 kgs per Ration card.
New enrollment forms are ready but no body knows when new ration cards will be available to beneficiaries because food security implementation would be for existing card holders only, Currently. It is hard to believe that anybody can survive on 5 kgs of food grain in a Month, at-least the bharat sarkar & dilli sarkar believes.

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