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Facebook and Fashion Industry - A "Freakonomic" Synergy ??

Posted On: 24 Dec, 2009 Others में

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Conversation 1


Mrs Khanna : Hey what are you wearing for Renu’s party?

Mrs Sharma : मैं सोच रही हूँ की वोह White Chiffon sari pehnu जो हमने lajpat nagar से ली थी ?

Mrs Khanna : *shocked* you cannot wear that white waala saari.

Mrs Sharma : Why?

Mrs Khanna : Remember, we had gone to Mona’s poker party, and you wore the same saari.

Mrs Sharma : तो क्या हुआ ? Nobody from that party will be coming for today’s party.

Mrs Khanna : *gyaan भरा tone* But Mona tagged the photos of the party on facebook. हर कोई देख सकता है ये photo. सोचो, अगर Renu ने भी tag कर दिया photos तो तुम्हारी इज्ज़त क्या रह जायेगी Facebook पर .

Mrs. Sharma : *आसूं टपकने के कागार पर* अब मैं क्या करूँ ?

Mrs. Khanna : No issue yaar. We have a day’s time. We can shop for a saari. शाम को चलते हैं .

Conversation 2


Neha : Oye Ritz, मुझे high-heels लेना है asap.

Ritika : क्यूँ बे, पिछले महीने ही तोह खरीदा था .

Neha : Babe, have you not logged on to facebook off-late. That Shalini @#$%& has been flaunting her imported high-heels collection all over facebook. And all our friends are “liking it”. We cannot allow a power shift.

Ritika : @#$$@ . We need to go shopping immediately.

Conversation 3


Rahul : Dooood!!! Have you seen Sam’s status message on FB ?

Mihir : No man. What up?

Rahul : Dood , that bugger got a great deal  at Woodland’s . There’s a promotional offer for all MBA students. We need to grab some stuff too.

Mihir : Awesome!!!!! Lets do it शाम को .

Moral of the story

Suits to dresses, Sarees to kurtas, high heels to sneakers, Facebook is full of them. Facebook is the new Vogue, the new Cosmopolitan. If you are not active on FB you are bound to be the protagonist of all fashion jokes in your friend circle. You might be wearing a Jockey in Delhi , but you may not be aware that your friends in New York might be discussing over beer, the hole in your Jockey .

And I am surprised why the fashion industry and Facebook cannot see the obvious synergy that they can strike. A billion dollar business proposition is going abegging.  Also, why isn’t someone creating a facebook application that will report the fashion trends (who is wearing what, who has a new wardrobe etc.) among your friends and friends of friends?


Who will need a Cosmopolitan if you have a “Facepolitan”. Why aren’t the social-media gurus predicting this as the top trend of Social-media in 2010.  So much for social media !!!!!!!



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