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My Experiments with Truth (read Internet)

Posted On: 4 Jan, 2010 Others में

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Well, we were having a party at my place. And we were playing song-request game. The game was that everyone takes turn to play a song which he/she hasn’t heard in ages and is a favorite.
So my friend’s sister wanted to play a song that she couldn’t remember. All she remembered was that the song featured Smita Patil in a yellow frock along with Sanjeev Kumar and some other “side”-y hero. Everyone wracked their brains but nothing came up. Finally, yours truly picked up the laptop and this is what happened.

Aim of the Experiment : Find the song

Information given : Smita Patil – yellow frock – Sanjeev Kumar

Apparatus used : Internet

Experiment and Observations :

1. Ask google “smita patil yellow frock sanjeev kumar”
2. Ask google “Smita patil sanjeev kumar movies”
3. Go to IMDB – search for smita patil – go through her movies and see cast
– Too many movies – ABORT
4. Ask youtube “smita patil yellow frock”
– ABORT ( you don’t want to know the kind of results that came up)
5. Ask youtube “smita patil sanjeev kumar”
BINGO – “Baton mein na talo jee… dil de dalo jee”

Time taken : time taken to cook Maggie

Inference : And that’s why I want to make a career out of internet-media


P.S. – Do you have any songs in your mind that you want to search and you have insufficient information about ? Contact Social Bakwaas 2.0  🙂


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