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Spell Bound at the Jagran Forum

Posted On: 5 May, 2010 Others में

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Sukirti Gupta

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Yesterday, I got a heavy dose on Indian Politicians as I attended the Jagran Forum.    The topic was Democracy:  Challenges in Consensus Building.   In attendance were all the political big-wigs from Pranab Mukhejee, Sushma Swaraj, Nitish Kumar, Arun Jaitlee, KP Gill, Bhupinder Hooda and many more political personalities.  After listening to the speakers for a day, I must say I was mind-blown.   The power of persuasion, the usage of language and the oration capability of many of these leaders was quite extraordinary – at times leaving me spell bound with their elocution.


As the closing speaker remarked, this Jagran Forum is a moment of history – mobilizing so many minds in a focused manner.  16 Presentations in all!   So many people from so many ideological backgrounds that it is difficult to sum up.  But  if the largest read daily is thinking about the largest democracy of the world, we are maybe in good hands


The importance of the forum.  3 things:


  • Unique platform with no ideology
  • Debating the issues that were confronting the nation
  • Dearth of these types of platforms



Most memorable were the closing remarks by Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, who at the early age of 25 was already the youngest minister.   Her command of speech in both Hindi and English was extra-ordinary as she gripped the audience with every word that she had to say.  Her way of expressing her point of view was eloquent yet at the same time extremely simplistic so that even a common person can understand what she is speaking of.    As she answered the tough questions that were raised in the forum, she was very clear about her position.  I hope that I have been able to do justice to the translation.



Can Coalition Government Nurture Growth?


YES … A resounding YES.   Coalition government can nurture growth.  We cannot even afford a NO in this topic.   The coalition government is here to stay.  COALITION HAS BECOME INEVITABLE.  This is the need of the day.   No one party today can make a government today alone.  If you want to make a government today – it must be in a coalition.


Democracy Development & Extremism? 


Is Force the only answer?   There is no ONE answer.  But Force is also necessary.  I have seen this uprising, but no.  We are now in a  vicious cycle.  The naxalites want roads – but if you kill the engineer how will you build the roads.  If you build hospitals – but you will not let the doctors stay here.   So what is the solution?


Consensus building is not a  challenge but about mindset, were the final concluding remarks that I can recall.


Listening to the politician speak is a bit like listening to prose.  The language and delivery is every bit a part of the fabric as is the content.

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