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Is Life really difficult

Posted On: 9 Jun, 2019 Others में

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Human Life comes in various phases

Right from being an Infant to an aged human.

When a birth happens, the infant needs to get accustomed  to the new world. They have to learn to eat, drink, walk, run etc. As they grow, Life throws new challenges. A student life begins with the statement from the parents, ” I want

you to be a topper throughout“. The child grows with this mindset . No sooner does he lag in his efforts, scary thoughts runs his mind. What will my parents say?

More often it is seen that Academic Performance takes a backseat while in profession.

I heard a discussion the other day when a uncle of mine said that these days every second child scores 90% marks.

However, in the job market they are unable  to flourish. What is the reason behind it?

A teacher there answers that most of the toppers put exactly the same content as in the book and they score the top marks. While those who put the answers logically are left behind.

In the professional world, they are rated much better than the toppers.

As we grow by age, the maturity level takes a leap and determine to judge the good and bad in a much better manner.

At a certain age, we urge for a luxurious life for our family.

In due course, our children get so used to this luxurious life that they get lazy.

No advice from elders is acceptable.

As we grow old and  set for our heavenly abode, we still keep insisting our loved ones to out beat their


Throughout our life we compete and make our loved ones to follow suit. When can we enjoy our life?

In reality, Life is not difficult. We  make it difficult.





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