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Difference in Attitude.."Why Me" or "Try Me" (For all Sachin fans..)

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                                                          Yesterday (5th Nov 2009)…. We again lost the match against Australia in Hyderabad. We all were disappointed, we all were sad, we all were upset and we all were angry also. It was 5th match of the series and second time in this series we lost the match in crunch situation.
It was day night match and Australia bated first and scored huge total of 350/4. Few Indian fans have already given up when they saw this huge total of Australia. But some Die-Hard fans of India were still hoping that we can win this match and I was the one of them. In this match Sachin played best knock of his carrier and scored 175 runs in just 141 balls with 19 fours and 4 big sixes. In this inning he played many classical shots specially one pull shot for six on Waston’s ball and two big sixes on mid-off on Hauirtz’s balls but nobody else supported him and we lost this match in spite of his brave inning. When he got out he were only 18 runs behind and we still had 17 balls left with three wickets.

I was very disappointed because he had scored half of the total score and other 10 players could not score remaining ones. This was not the first time when he played brilliant inning for India and all gone in vain. This already happened many times when he scored runs but nobody else supported him and even other players could not score remaining 15-20 runs. So whenever this happen with Sachin I always asked to GOD that why you do all this with this great man. So yesterday also I started arguing with GOD that you again did all this with Sachin. He always played with full dedication and with full hard work and he is doing all this from last 20 yrs..This is not fair with him, GOD. Why you do all this with Sachin only, why GOD why.. “Why ONLY HE?”
GOD replied.. Cool down my son, don’t get angry, do you want to know that why all this happen with Sachin, all this happen with Sachin just because of his attitude..He has different and unique attitude. Whenever I put him in difficult or tough situation or whenever I tried to put him down, He always gets up and say, “OK Boss, you wanna test me……….. no probs, I am ready – TRY ME”. But he never said “WHY ME” and that’s why he is Sachin and that’s why he got so many chances in his life. He is not a common man, my son. Ya I agree with you that sometimes it happened that when he scored but still India could not won those matches. But my son, this is smaller picture. Look at the bigger picture…….


 He is the only batsman who has scored 45 hundreds in one day cricket and out of those 45 hundred, he turned 30 matches into India’s win and in cricket history no other player even get the chance to made 30 centuries in his carier,leave alone the matches won with their centuries.

 He is the only batsman who scored 100+ and 90+ in two consecutive finals against Australia in Australia and that’s why we could beat Australia in two straight finals.

 He was the only batsman who scored more than 500 runs in two world cups and that’s why we could reach up to semifinal’s and final’s.


My son, this is not the end of the story..”PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI DOST”. He will play many more such kind of innings for India and will score many more centuries for India. So just remember one thing that never say “WHY ME”…. always ask for “TRY ME”.

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